Hip roof

So here is a roof, assuming 302’ perimeter and the flat section is 30’ x 12’…

Is it a hip or non-hip? I put hip… 30/302=9.93%

Go ahead and debate that until your fingers hurt.

One Pic! Ur crazy!
Friggin NO! in the 3rd degree.
Pic is depicting a flat area.

Was it kicked back?

Roof cover looks suspect

Just for this example!!!

Nope, just wrote the report

When I did the same house in 2009, it got “other” on the 2007 from. LOL

Its your call john. I think its a gray area open to interpretation, as are other circumstances with 1802

I would agree with your calcs…only 30’ of exposed flat. Do you also include a roof sketch when they are close?

Yes, I do not like to get phone calls, I may even include it with the report.

I use a similar example in the current Inachi wind mit class.

I always include a roof sketch in the report if between 5% and 15% non-hip.

I have a similar roof on my own home, flat area surrounded by hips. No exposed edge. Citizens calls it other.

Just for the sake of discussion, why would you count one edge and not the others? It you are not counting the other edges, why count the first one?

One edge is “exposed” and the others are not. Do you measure the valleys or ridges?


Include your sketch.

The numbers 30/320 = hip

I’d go with HIP as well - Only one exposed edge

Hello industry leaders! I came across something similar last week so I would like to change the dynamics of this “hip” roof a little. Say the “flat” is 40 feet long (and covered with mod bitumen) yet is estimated to have about a 2/12 pitch. The whole house perimeter is same at 302 feet. I went with hip. What do you guys think…kick back or not? Thanks for your thoughts:shock:

This what I would do ---- I would not include the 12’ side

If the roof is 2/12, then it is not considered a flat roof - Therefore the length doesn’t matter - the roof would be hip

Doesn’t mean it won’t get kicked back - show and explain your logic on the report to minimize the potential for rejection. If you leave it to the underwriter, they will draw their own conclusions.

Also, the “Roof Covering” doesn’t make a difference in roof geometry… ie an improperly shingled 1/12 roof doesn’t change the roof from a flat to a sloped.

If the slope is close, measure it and document it in your report.