Hiring a PT Inspector in Colorado

Looking to hire a PT InterNACHI CPI Inspector

Pro & Cons of Employee vs. Subcontractor?

Subcontractor is the least complex for you. But rules apply which may vary locally and federally. Good question for your accountant and insurance provider.

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Thanks Brian, Have already spoken to Insurance provider will chat with account as well.

Thank you

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Ultimately it comes down to how much control you need or want over the inspector. Check the laws out, but I believe the State is very clear on what defines an employee vs a subcontractor. If you 1099 an inspector but you dictate their schedule, how they perform their work, including how they write their comments or you dictate the reporting software they use, the inspector can be considered an employee. So that being said here are some of my Pros and Cons on employee vs subcontractor.

Pros for Employee - You tell them where and when to be there (more control). You train them and they produce a report that is consistent with your company. You dictate their hours worked, compensation, benefits. Owners make money off of their labor. You have more control over the quality of the work and reporting.

Cons for Employee - You pay for insurance. You are responsible for their livelihood. You provide all tools and vehicles (or compensation for vehicle usage). They can up and quit, leaving you high and dry. You will probably have to provide benefits (insurance, 401K, Paid time off). More oversight and more administrative work.

Pros for Subcontractor - You are not responsible for anything other than scheduling them and making sure they are where they said they would be.

Cons for Subcontractor - You have No control over them, they can come and go as they please.

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