Proud Night In Canada

Congratulations Canada on A great opening Night!
Now win Some gold!

I feel bad for the country of Georgia that lost one of their teammates in the luge incident.

The weather there seems really poor for some of the events, are they forecasting any cold weather and snow?

I did enjoy looking at and listening to Lindsey Vonn, I hope her injury heals and she can ski. I did not know who she was until the interview.

I was VERY proud of how they presented their native people. Great show.

It made my heart warm to see them lead the way. I grew up around 3 Reserves.

My wife and I watched in awe. It was a great ceremony Canada should be very proud.

I have to admit even i was a proud Canuk. Maybe American’s will learn more about the people to the north

“Aw, shucks”

lol George
I still think USA should invade .

Very nice show! I think the whales were great, but then there were a lot of great moments (except for that opera singer :slight_smile: whew!) Good job Canada!!!

I do have one questions what ever happen to Stomping Tom Why oh why was he not invited A true Icon of Canada . Um yeah i really didnt like the opera singer, but a lot do.

Yeah, doesn’t the lack of cold “weather” automatically prove that the global climate is warming? :wink:

Ask the folks in Washington D.C…:wink:

Vancouver never has cold weather. Its’s Canada’s version of Miami.

Never gets much snow there. In Vancouver.

Well at least kick England’s butt in curling.
and shall we forecast a gold in hockey also?

As long as we get gold in hockey the rest of the world can share the rest of the gold

If you think they’re skiing in Vancouver, you may want to do some research.

Oooooohhhhhhh, I get it, when it’s abnormally cold in one area of the world it proves that global warming is false but when it’s abnormally warm in another it doesn’t mean anything. I get it, silly me.

Global mean temperature is falling and it’s getting hard to hide the evidence even with continued lies and manipulated data.

Have another Koolaide.

As you’re aware, there’s an internet graph for everything. Message board link wars aren’t any fun though.