Congrats to Canadian Hockey Team.

Canada sure won a lot of medals.

Still more to come Nick! One thing Canada does know how to do well is survive whatever winter serves up and outside sports in winter time is part and parcel of that.

LOL Kevin the last time i checked there is no beer drinking contest at the Olympics . Is that not what most do in the winter.

It was a good game, but a one goal game could have done either way.
USA played well and one team had to win.
Usually you want the team that beat you to go all the way!

Oh no, does that mean I’ve wasted all of that training I’ve been doing???

Nope, there’s still Curling. That game was definitely created under the influence. :slight_smile:

Thank goodness for curling then.

If you mean todays game. that was an OK game. If you mean yesterdays women’s game, that was a great game, a lot more exciting and a lot more heart breaking for them.

I hate when teams play great all game and then go into prevent mode at the end.

Congrats to the Canucks, men and women.

You must have curled .

Not wasted i heard it may be in the next winter games with ice fishing .:wink:

Some switch to whiskey, warms the blood. :wink:

That’s all part of the same sport…fill the bathtub with ice, put in the beer and then go ice fishing…

Stop it i am getting home sick lol;-)

Just imagine that you are exploring an interesting city in Europe and you think to yourself, a beer would be nice right now.
You run across a bright red Molson Canadian beer fridge and get all excited about a cold beer.
Then you walk up to the beer fridge and discover the beer is only for Canadians](
Anger would ensue for many and perhaps a bit of violence to said vending machine.
That sounds like an unlikely situation, but it is exactly what Molson Canadian]( is doing.
The company has taken fully stocked beer fridges bearing the verbiage,
“Canadians scan your passport to open fridge” and placed then in several European cities.

Canada sure knows how to turn up the heat at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Molson, a Canadian beer company, sent a bright red fridge filled with beer to Team Canada’s headquarters in Sochi to give them a taste of home. Best of all, the beer is free]( for all who carry Canadian passports.
The beer fridge operates]( just like an airport scanner and works by verifying the font on the passport, the word “Canada”, and the country’s seal. When everything is good to go, the fridge door opens and free beer is within reach. The free Molson beer is offered to Canadian Olympians and all their friend
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Only in Canada lolol

Mmmmm… Whiskey.

Actually a great many use it to prevent freezing of the blood. A good mix is 10% blood 90% whiskey. Kind of like the same idea with our radiant heating systems.:mrgreen:

It either keeps you warm or keeps you from noticing the cold. :slight_smile:

Gold medal for Canada 3-0
The only problem with playing so early in the morning is I have no beer for the rest of the day…

Is the curling done? still hope perhaps