hole in attic floor

should there be anything here warning clients that there is a hole here? other than the long drop?

FYI the long drop is nothing, it is the sudden stop that is the problem.:shock: HAHA


Yes…common sense.

No insulation and no firestop

yes, your report should note it. You can suggest a cover too…

Thanks Mike!

I’m confused here please explain, why is this so important to report it. It is in an attic that is rarely access and then common sense is to use caution when navigating around there is dangers everywhere. It would seem to me that this shoot has been discontinued or not used for whatever reason. I would further investigate to determine (if possible) its designed use and then make my determination at that point.

If there is an air leak then this is a huge concern .Lose of heat/cold much moisture getting to attic causing possible mould .
Defiantly even if no air leak it needs to be insulated.

Should be sealed as Troy mentioned earlier for fire block. (I’m not so concerned about what comes down, but what goes up; energy loss and flames :wink: )

I think that about sums it up…

Thank you Roy, I agree if there is an air leak there is a concern, no doubt about it and I would report it if there was evidence to support that. I also totally agree about adding additional insulation.

Thank you Robert, I agree

Troy is right. It can be viewed the same as a skylight chase with regards to insulation.

Now, who knows what it is?

You as an inspector felt something was wrong and your gut was right. Not for the fact of someone falling in because even if it was covered with drywall you would fall through if stepped on. The fact is right now you have a good amount of uninsulated attic knee walls there. Those chases happen all the time even in new construction I see it. The difference is they cover them with plywood or OSB and call it a draft stop. It serves that purpose but combined with insulation on top also caps off heat loss.

What do you think this one is… a cold air return to an attic furnace?

Unused HVAC chase, for an attic furnace.

That’s kind of what I’m thinking.