Holmmes Inspection show

Just watching the Holmes Inspection Show now. Would be interesting to see what kind of feed back we get on this program. What do you guys think?


Contractors have no business performing home inspections and even less business passing judgment on home inspectors.

Visual inspection…Not!

I’m not a huge fan of Mike Holmes, but I thought he had a decent show. The inspector missed some obvious stuff, and Mike didn’t shoot 'em down too bad.

Like what,except the bushings (gromets)?


Again he proves that some contractors and builders are unethical. He should keep up his crusade against them. He has demonstrated that home inspectors are not able to inspect properties to the extent that he feels is needed and that home sellers will realistic allow. How much would he have charged for this extraviganza if the producers of the show had not paid? This is a Media joke. The concept makes no sense.

All he’s doing is tarring and feathering every home inspector out there with the same brush to promote himself. The only inspections his show will focus on are those that are poorly done leaving the public watching this program to believe all inspectors, except his, are unqualified. I wonder what qualifications he has other than an ego bigger than the size of the house he’s inspecting. Oh well, us Canadian inspectors will turn the other cheek and let him and his show try to destroy our respectability as qualified and certified home inspectors. To bad he wasn’t filming this show south of the boarder,I guess he knows better than to @#it on the American inspectors because they wouldn’t take it.:mad:

I live in Rural Nova Scotia, an area where infrared is not that popular of a choice by consumers during home inspections. I’m sort of hoping Holmes will make a difference on that front. Only time will tell i guess.