Mike Holmes Rolling Add on TV SSM On.

Be part of the Homes Group.

Quote: "At least the next time you can be sure to get a good inspection
by a “Certified Inspector of the Holmes Group.”
My question is simple. What are they going to use as the SOP or ETHICS
Contractor, Real Estate Agent, Appraiser, TV host or some new HI company standards?:o
In my investigation, all I can find out is 50% of what you will make will be pocketed by Mr. Holmes. That means you will work for him for about $30.00/hour, you will advertize his company and pay the government.
This makes no mention of the competition that will be against you from the top rated organization in HI "InterNachi.
WHAT A JOKE This is an absolute insult to any inspector that has years of experience.
“We will just have to wait until the **** hits the fan.”

Mike Holmes is a fraud! He masquerades as an inspector while in reality, he’s a self-promoting contractor selling his image at any cost and using every trick in the book!

This man has done enough damage to inspectors and the profession!

I have had talks with the Holmes Group and the deal is they charge the rate for the inspection, generally starting around $800 the inspector gets half. The inspector cannot advertise he works for Holmes , in fact you are required to remove their uniform before you do your own inspection. The SOP and Ethics are CAPHI.

Your client knows who you are working for. That is advertizement.

He also has a Magazine, saw it yesterday at Lowe’s. The bad part is people will take him seriously just because he is on tv.

"The bad part is people will take him seriously just because he is on tv."

Works that way for politicians too. :roll:

Thats right the client will know, but sign on my truck has my company name on it not Holmes.
Besides I have only talked to them because they called me, I am not working for them at this piont and maybe never who knows.

Don’t forget that your report goes to them before the client gets it. In other words, they have the final edit of your work product, yet you carry 100% of the liability according to the contract you will sign with them.

Bill Mullen

That is screwed up!

I was a glutton for punishment and watched the show last night!

They installed a multi-$K sump system when they could have just covered the below grade entry with a roof…

Loves to slam you HI’s every chance he gets!

He is the reason why States with HI licence requirements prevent work on the same house you inspect. He is walking the fine line of inspecting and having someone else (in his group) do the work and he comes back in at the end and collects the check…

I watched it last night as well.

It was a little too easy for Mikey to rag on home inspectors IMHO.

Did they ever explain where the leak into the garage was coming from?

I must have missed it.

He was tough on guys using a check list style report but who can blame him when the report called out the possibility on knob and tube wring in a 5 year old home. Duh!

And can someone explain how the drain they redid at the basement entrance will keep from freezing up.](*,)

He is just repeating what he has heard from HI about checklist inspections. Even if you use a computer generated program (I know, I have four or so) you are going to be using a checklist of some kind. Every airline, military pilot in the world uses checklists. Because they work if it used by someone who knows how to use it. It does not matter what the inspector uses, if he doesn’t know what he is doing, what he is seeing or looking at, doesn’t know a TPR from a tennis racket, you can take it to the bank the inspection will be inferior and miss things. Mike likes to come off as the world’s savior. He and only he is standing against the tide of sloppy contractors and ignorant home inspectors. He isn’t always wrong, but he is almost always self serving. He just likes to make others the boogie man and he is of the all knowing, all seeing Mike Holmes, defender of the helpless, mindless nitwits who don’t do any research and hires their contractor out of the checkout line at Home Depot or Lowe’s. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes.

Just to be clear, I am not knocking check list reports or those who use them.

I just happen to think the public now expects more than the “old school” did.

With Mikey out there with his habit of ragging on home inspectors, it is reasonable to conclude that those who watch his show will be looking for an inspector that more closely matches what Mikey thinks they should be.

Get ready.

BTW-I have read checklist style reports that were very good.

All reports reflect the quality and knowledge base of the individual inspector and there simply is no substitute for experience. :wink:

I still ant to see Mikey Holmes go up against Joe Farsetta and his challenge. It would be a hoot.

Mike, I didn’t think you were knocking them. I will hear some new HI tell everyone within earshot of how superior they are as inspectors because they have “umptyfratz"s” inspection software program. Ten minutes later I will see one of their posts asking “What is this” and upon opening the photo see a water meter or something equally apparent. I would love to see Holmes go up against Joe as well but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen. Mike likes to attack the other professions from the sidelines with only his explanation as an example. Often contractors have to deal with clients who won’t listen, too cheap to do what the contractors recommend. I know as I have done inspections for investors who watched all the flipping shows and think they know everything, just want to “sugar coat it” and flip the home. When I am asked to go back and check progress I often have to talk with their contractor and find out they are being asked to cover up defects and for a few dollars more they could do it right. That part never gets shown on Holmes’ show, or the mistakes the homeowner did and then ask a contractor to come in and fix it on the cheap. The old saying, “The first liar doesn’t have a chance” is what I often think of when I watch Holmes. He explains things to his benefit, to make himself look like the hero. When did the world become so narcissistic?

Gotcha Doug :slight_smile:

I know the report goes to them and they will make changes, thats why I am at this point staying away and the other reason I do not like the horizon reporting system that they use.

Not that the house wasn’t a piece of crap, leaking from every seam…

I just don’t like people calling out what they “think” someone else did, when they weren’t there.

For all we know they got a $99.95 HI and ignored everything that cheap *** inspection provided.

Mike has a $14k IR camera in his hand at one moment and is pulling down the sheetrock ceiling in the WRONG place a second later! Way to go Mr. Technology!