Holmes on Homes

On tonites show currently airing on HGTV Mike is looking at a grow house. What a disaster!

The grow house or the show…

Former grow house, badly damaged, pipes running everywhere, illegally tapped the electrical through foundation wall.
Mould in the attic … blah, blah, blah…

A good candidate for Thermal Imaging

That is a repeat. It was something. They drilled through a solid concrete wall to get to the elect service before the meter. That place had been trashed. Mike Holmes really helps out people who have been screwed.

Anyone ever watch Finders Fixers?


That house had everything…

Aluminum wiring, mould, abestos in the plaster!

I wonder how many rocks he has to turn over to find some of the houses he has.

Desperate people call Mike, he doesn’t have to find them. :wink:

We all have to remember, Mikes an actor in a reality tv show. It might just be that he is paid to say what he says and he says whats good for TV.

“Oh so you had and home inspection, well there is the problem right there!”


"he is paid to say what he says and he says whats good for TV."

Exactly. The problem is that many viewers do not realize this and take his every word as “God’s honest truth”. There should be some kind of national certification for these guys to protect the viewing public from their lack of training, education and experience. :mrgreen:


I’m not sure what his qualifications are, or if he even has any other than calling himself a contractor. I have seen several construction related mistakes in his shows over the years. Average home owners don’t know the difference, professionals do.

I have been told he is now trying to get his Carpenter Papers and that he has no trade licenses.


Happy New Year Roy,

I’m not surprised. You have to give him credit thought. He has become a household name and made a few bucks to go with it. That’s show business!

Maybe someone could create a reality show for home inspectors. Roy’s Home Inspection Adventures!