home binder

What is homebindercom can we added to our services?

Do you need home management software?

HomeBinder - Home Management Software

Contact Greg Moretti at 413-358-7938 for information about the home inspector program. My clients get it free with each inspection, and I get a good many thank-you’s. No complaints in 250 inspections.

Interesting, never heard of it…

You must not get on FB much.The marketing is great. The guy starts the video with his back to the camera then turns around and thrusts a triggered drill at the lens before he talks .Laugh my *** off every time I see it .Speaking of laughing ,still get a kick out of the fact Nick has his Nerds block a word like azz which everyone sees all day long in print and by the act of being a living creature yet our Liberal NACHI is pretending to be created by Pilgrims .

Thank you, will do!