using contractors for ancillary services

Hey guys. Been looking at some ancillary services and so far have to maintain a state license for radon and septic, which are the only 2 I have looked at so far. Aside from the courses and the many loops needed to get these licenses, there are also CE hours required for each, and I am guess more or different insurances. I know I would make my money back for either or both of these, my problem starts coming from the licenses.

I currently carry 2 licenses and belong to an organization which require CEs to maintain, plus NACHI and if I add these, More CEs. feeling like I will soon become a fulltime student and parttime worker.

How many of you use another company for ancillary services? If you do, how do you set it up? Do you hire them directly? do you mark their price up? Do you get a bulk price from them?

I tried this once with my old company and it never panned out.


What is everyone else doing in your area? Ask realtors how often radon is tested? If no one is doing radon, then maybe it makes sense to do radon and charge a fortune.

How many homes in Iowa have septic? If you are doing a lot of work in Ames, then you’re not likely going to have many septic test. If you do a ton in rural Iowa, then you’ll need to do this.

Well radon is being pushed by most Realtors. It is estimated that 5 out of 7 homes in Iowa have elevated Radon levels. I actually forsee a required radon test for property transfer in the near future. Radon I will probably do. But, I might have to wait 2 years before I can get a licesne.

I live in sounthern Iowa. The biggest town in 60 miles is less than 30,000 people. Septic testing is required for property transfer on property not serviced by sewer. It looks like I would need to do alot of hole digging and well if I wanted to dig holes for a living I would of started a hole digging company. Not sure I want to get into this. But also want to be a one stop shop of sorts. Would like to say, yes I can get that done for you.