Home energy report Oven

I was playing around with the home energy report and noticed the amount attributed to the dryer was $114. The oven number was only 49 (I have an electric oven - which I use more than the dryer). I didn’t see a question about the type of stove (energy source) did I miss something?

The Home Energy Report software is full of glitches. The calculations are not reliable.

You can say that again, Bert! :grin:

That’s about all that’s it’s good for, when you don’t have anything else to do.

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The energy report is correct, at least in part. Average household in USA will use a clothes dryer more than an oven. On average, households do 300 loads of laundry a year (energystar.gov), they use the oven much less. Busy couples with kids just wash wash wash, they don’t cook as much. Many retired also don’t cook as they used to.

While what you say might be true (personally I’d just as soon hang the clothes on a line - weather permitting), there will be a distinct energy difference between a gas oven / stovetop and an all electric unit. while electric stoves are more efficient than gas (less heat loss) they typically cost more to operate. Cost is what the energy report is about and it doesn’t even ask about stove type.