Monday Night Webinar -- Aug 6th

Free InterNACHI Webinar

“Home Energy Inspections for Home Inspectors”

Monday night, August 6th, 2012, 10:00-10:30 PM EDT.

The typical home buyer purchases a home without first fully understanding what it costs to operate it. Most homeowners do not understand where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in their home.

We know that out of the 130 million homes in the U.S., 80 million were built before 1980 (they pre-date modern energy standards and are associated with higher energy use and operating costs per square foot). We also know that Americans spend about $2,000 per household on energy every year. But what most homeowners don’t know is that about 30% of that energy (30% of that money) is wasted.

The Home Energy Report will give the home buyer a quick understanding of:

  • how much the home will cost to operate (after they move in);
  • where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in the home; and
  • what can be done to save energy and increase comfort after they move in.

In this quick webinar, you will learn:

  • how to generate a Home Energy Report in minutes;
  • what other inspectors are saying; and
  • how to market the Home Energy Inspection.

We’ll also go over:
- generating a report in minutes;
- marketing pieces;
- free Homeowner guides;
- tips on how to sell the Home Energy Report; and
- feedback from inspectors.

NOTE: This webinar is for U.S. home inspectors only.

Space is limited to 500 attendees.

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