Home Energy Report

I am interested in getting feed back from the membership who are promoting the home energy report as part of their service. Are you charging for the report and if so are the client willing to pay for it? If you are including the service for free, do you feel you are generating more business as a result. Just trying to gauge whether this service is being received as a benefit or not.

It would be a great marketing tool if it were accurate, or even somewhere close to accurate.

I use mine as marketing Free with standard home inspection. I agree way to general to charge for. I have made some suggestions for improvement. I work for a DOE funded non profit doing Real energy audits and it would not take a lot to dial this in enough to charge for. Even at that without a real energy audit would only worth about $50 if accurate.

I’ll be doing two audits tomorrow. It will take me 5 hours each home just for the energy audit, that includes no home inspection. So no I don’t even offer the home energy report in my company. If they want an energy audit then they will have to pay for the real deal.