InterNACHI Home Energy Report

I have been using the Home Energy Report for about a month now and the reaction from customers and agents is overwhelmingly “Holy crap that is awesome!” Not only is the information extremely helpful but it is presented very clearly and the report looks very professional! Top notch!

Just wanted to thank you (Ben) and whoever had a hand in developing the software and allowing your faithful followers to use it!! I’m a big fan! Another reason to love InterNACHI!!

PS - I don’t charge extra for it. I include with every inspection. It literally takes 10 minutes tops, and the clients are extrmely appreciative.

Thanks. That U.S. Department of Energy contract was the hardest deal we ever put together. It took us about 2 years before they’d let the reporting software we developed access their government database (which is what it does every time you generate a report).

Nice. I have to check this out.

Here is the free software:

And this is the “While I’m Here…” brochure that really works well:

Thanks again!