Home Energy Score Assessor Calculator

I’m having trouble downloading a usable version of the Assessor Calulator that’s in Excel but supposedly works in other software that can interprets Excel data. It’s maddening since some things that need no “calculator” work fine, while hidden formulas critical to proper data entry don’t work at all.I’ve tried Google Sheets, OpenOffice, etc to no avail. Has anyone who’s done the training found something that works besides Excel?

On a side note, I’ve come across an assessment of the Home Energy Score Tool that was done by the gov’s own National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) that appears to criticize the value of inputs derived from the Assessor Calculator and hence the value of the Score at all. As just two examples, Scores are apparently skewed against larger houses and are biased to make any house look worse than it is. (https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy12osti/54074.pdf)

Also, in Portland, Oregon, the Score is required and apparently being used to coerce sellers into doing expensive repairs, replacements, and weatherization when many of them are selling because they’re broke. On top of that, one article mentions that sellers are paying $250 for such a report that can be done in one hour. All in all, the Home Energy Score appears to be part of a nascent data base being prepared on as many houses across the country as possible with whatever that may entail in the way of future financial burdens on sellers. Any thoughts?

Daniel, ask at education@internachi.org .
They should be able to help you.

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Thanks, Larry.

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You’re welcome, Daniel.