home gauge site down

7:59 pm and homegauge website is down. Anybody else having issues with this tonight.

Been down for several hours.

Does anybody from them monitor this forum anymore. I thought this was their official forum.

Been having a lot of issues with upload lately.

Yesterday the send email dialogue box would not pop up. Oh well.

Came back last night, but then went off line again.
Still down this morning.

I got the following from Toby at HomeHubZone:

“The good news is that we are growing and not just in staff. The not so good news is that many of you experienced the pain of that growth. On Friday, we grew too big for our database and had to upgrade on the fly causing an unexpected 2 hour outage.”

Since HHZ and HG are joining forces, perhaps they are using the same servers now.

if you upload a pdf to homegauge can you then read it on your android device. Without downloading it, in other words you tap it and it loads in the browser. We can read other pdf on the fly but not from hg site. We have never been able to and I have started at least 3 support tickets and get no response. PDF’s work fine on apple devices.

Anybody. From homegauge out there.

That’s a known issue that happens on some devices. It’s a security issue. The issue is that you are in your web browser, signed in to HomeGauge, then click to view the pdf. The browser passes that request to your pdf reader, which isn’t signed in to HomeGauge.com, so it can’t access the file. This will happen on any site, not just HomeGauge, in the same set of circumstances. Most devices with a default pdf viewer in place will work as is without issue. A common way this gets broken on devices is when people install a new pdf viewer and are no longer using the default one.

All this was discussed as it was happening on the HG FB group. Get off the dinosaur slow forum and get up to speed in the FB group. HomeGauge Users Public Group | Facebook

It does not happen on apple devices. Also none of the support people I have talked to at HG even mentioned it as a security issue. Just so you know. Thanks for your response.

Also now when uploading a report from the software the box to send emails is very delayed. Sometimes 2 minutes. I now have to go start the browser and go the the site and send emails. Not painful but still not smooth.

My response came from level 2 or higher techies and my level 1 support dept doesnt always have extra information.

Russel. I just don’t think your techs are being honest with u or are lacking knowledge or concern. No one brought up a security issue with me and like I said it works on apple devices.
Ask the techs what is the default pdf reader for android they would like me to try. I don’t really care which it is I have no preference just would like my and your customers to have something they know works elsewhere but not with our products.

I have tried many browsers and PDF viewers including defaults. No luck with homegauge and no problems with other sites.If apple had an issue them maybe I would accept the answer. Apple phone load the pdfs with no issue. That is why the customers complain.

Please fix this. I feel it is fixable. If not lets not upload anymore pdfs as they cannot be viewed on the second most popular mobile device in the world.
I really appreciate any help you can give me on this. It has been chronic and ongoing for years. THX.

As to joining the group on Face Book. I’m just not a fan of face book and do not feel that I should do that to get support or let HG know about issues.

HG has made this their formal forum so this is where I would expect them to answer. Thanks for the advice in any case.

Hi Ken,
I trust my techies and do not think they lack integrity. Apple has their one and only browser so it is default and works. Android has many manufacturers and thousands of apps and a lot of people have moved away to an app that was not their default. PDf’s suck and should be used to store a file not present it to a customer. HTML is browsers and while they vary too they work a lot better than a pdf. BTW the safari browser sucks big time and there are issues with it depending on the user’s settings.

Please be aware that android and ios will break things as they evolve with updates. It’s never-ending.

Lastly, HomeGauge has a support email "support@homegauge.com" and a phone number 828-254-2030. These are our “formal” points of contact. All other forums user groups etc. are secondary when it comes to our customer’s needing help. So if we havent answered you here after a time please contact us directly.

I would store the radon and termite as HTML for viewing. I don’t think you have a way for me to do this. Am I missing something. The sun nuclears that we are invested in only produce pdf files. What browser is the default for android phones. I do not agree with you or your techies explanation but trust you personally tried to resolve. In any case I think the techies should find a way to resolve this. I would think the Florida inspectors are going crazy over this, aren’t their wind mitigation reports PDF’s. Don’t other inspectors upload a lot of pdf’s to HG. In any case your android based customers cannot read their termite and radon or any other report that is a pdf on their phones. They must have a desktop or apple device.

Also note that each time I have called the techies none have informed or responded back to me with an answer. Only you have answered. You can look at the support tickets. I will keep filing them. We need a solution. What do you suggest. I’m flexible to a solution instead of why we cannot fix it.

Please Help with this.