Server Error

What is up with HomeGauge this morning?

I can’t send reports to cloud, can’t get list of reports to download from cloud, can’t log into your web site.

Same here, I tried everything, glad it wasn’t me:D

Maybe Hillary made a stop in Ashville :mrgreen:
Seriously, I hope they get it back up soon.

That is why I don’t use any service like that.

You would think that someone would be monitoring their server 24/7.

You would think:roll:, I have two home inspections ready to go, but cant do anything with. I got two today and don’t want to be backed up.

As much as I like HG, the 9-5 bankers hours phone support is terrible coverage.

Time to offer more modern support to paid users of their services & products.


Pays to have a backup plan. Reality is that services can and will go down periodically. As great any company is, it takes time to troubleshoot.

Whats your plan if your connection goes down at home?

Advice is to manually sync reports, head to the library or Starbucks for a connection, or use your mobile device.

Same here. Not an issue as I have everything synced last night. But need back up by end of day. Well, guess I could manage by sending manually.

That option is probably what I would do if this is not resumed by this afternoon, as a worst case, I can pull manually from my HG folder and send over to my computer and save as a PDF from HG desktop.

Worst worst case is I still have a ReportHost account:neutral:

I don’t use HG, and I don’t do onsite reporting.

Problem solved!

I can get by with ISN without HG cloud if necessary.

I set phone up as hotspot and connect to it.

Up and running now.

Just as I finished doing it the old way.

Thank you to who ever fixed the problem.

This makes maybe 2 problems for me in 11 years. I can work with that

Glad it is back up and running. :slight_smile:

Our servers are off site and hosted by a professional company called Rackspace. We pay thousands a month for the storage and back ups. Two of our nerds have an automatic text sent to them from the server if it goes down. It hardly does and it was back up in no time. We apologize when this happens and you can rest assured that we monitor it 24/7

There is always some risk with an online service. Even Ebay and Amazon have had outages. You could mitigate your risk by signing up with ReportHost too. That way if HomeGauge ever goes down again, you could use ReportHost to produce reports. We only charge for the reports you publish, and only after you use up your initial 10 or 15 free reports. So there’s no or little cost in doing this.

Sure, but twice in years is a great track record for HomeGauge.