Unable to upload report

I have been trying to upload a report I just completed. When I click on “upload”, after a delay it says “Could not retrieve upload limit”. After several tries, I opened my browser and had no difficulty connecting to Homegauge through the browser. It seems that Homegauge can not connect to home gauge!

I also tried to click on HG services in the software and if I try to click on “View uploaded reports” or " My homegauge dashboard", the connection times out. I can then clcik on my homegauge bookmark in the browser and connect right away.
I even tried shutting down homegauge and restarting it but I have the same problem.
I am going to print the report to a PDF and email it to the customer but need to get this issue resolved. Any ideas?

Just a follow up, I tried rebooting the computer but it did not solve the problem.

Homegauge doesn’t work weekends. Maybe you shouldn’t either if you don’t have dependable software.

Join the Facebook user group. You can get help after hours and weekends from knowledgeable users, and many times HG staff.

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve heard others complain about getting help on the weekend from them.

I can remember a few years back, Dom helping me with an issue on July fourth, it was a minor issue, I’m sure probably one he explained numerous times to other inspectors, but he still responded.

HomeGauge does have two people monitoring the “Ask a Question” feature on “Support” link at your dashboard on weekends and after hours. We do NOT monitor the INACHI message board . As Frank mentioned the HomeGauge user group on FB can get you answers fast too.

If you have difficulty try HomeGauge website at your Dashboard the Support link “Ask a Question.” We had two people monitoring it this weekend.

Hi Robert,
I just seen where you contacted the weekend support too. Did you get a response? I am actually on vacation this weekend (helping my daughter move) so I was not able to monitor our support to see if you were contacted by us.