Home Heating Prodcuts brand tankless

Had an electric water heater today that I have nver came across. No info and not much info on the tag at the heater. The heater itelf was very small. 12x16
It was connected by 3-30 amp 220 breakers. Seemed quite excessive.
Anyone know about these?

Tankless heaters have to heat the water on the fly. Energy demands are very high. The BTU rating on a typical gas fired tankless is 5 times the typical rating on a tank type. Actually 60A seems pretty small to me. I have seen them significantly larger, although tankless electric water heaters are pretty rare around here.

What was the wattage rating on the label?

No info tag, sorry.

Sounds like a 3-phase 208 30 amp breaker to me. :slight_smile:

Got a picture?