Tankless water heater electrical combo

Ok guys, how many issues do you see here??

The wall color clashes with the tile.


You tell us what you see and we will kindly critique it. :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree with Martin :rofl:


I’ve installed two of those eco smart heaters. Ones been running 6 years in a rental with no problems. The other is my guest house my mother in law lives in. That one needed new valve and the company overnighted one to me. The larger ones require 3 40amp two pole beakers. It will spin that meter pretty fast.

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The panel screws are mismatched and one missing. Needs to be caulked??

I see front loading washer and dryer thrown on top of each other, and a tankless water heater wedged so close to the main electrical panel you can’t remove the dead front


This guy had 4, 40 amps running it

The water shut off valve can’t turn the way it is installed on the wall.


Must be the eco36. My biggest is the eco27. That sucker will surly spin the meter.

150amps to supply 2 showers. No wonder 3.5+ million are out of power tonight in Texas.


It’s a 1 bathroom house!

200amp service?

That is correct

Any other major electrical appliance? clearly no gas, right? no propane? electrical stove? dryer? what type of space heating? that 200amp may not cut it with 150amp water heater.

Man, I didn’t even think about that. Not much gas in tampa. Everything is electrical, central ac, fridge stove dishwasher, microwave, washer dryer.

I’m no sparky but I believe that the 1”(?) conduit is too small for all those wires.

Those wires are shoved in the conduit really damn tight, that’s for sure

If that WH was in fact wired with 4x40amp breakers (making it 150amp model)… I don’t see how it’s going to work long-term with 200amp service in that house (everything electric), something does not sound right. Need an electrician to perform a load calculation, I don’t see how it would meet today’s safety standards of NEC.

I installed the eco18 in my guest house. I rewired the entire house and brought in brand new 200amp underground service to a new meter. My house and the guest house are the only ones served from the transformer on the pole. After installation of the eco18 the lights in my house would flicker when the unit was running. I had the power company come out and they installed a new transformer on the pole. Flickering went away, problem solved.

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