home inpection checklist

i would like to view a blank inspector checklist/report that they would use during the evaluation.where can i find a copy?

No such checklist is possible, it would be the size of an encyclopedia.
Some inspectors use notes for each system or specific item so they don’t forget to check something.

Inspectors should follow a Standards of Practice. This SOP is defined by one of three possible sources.

  1. If the inspector is required to be state certified or licensed, they would follow the state SOP.

  2. If the inspector belongs to an inspection association and is not required certification of license by the state, they would follow the associations SOP

  3. If neither of the above are true. Then the inspector should have their own SOP established.

I don’t know if your talking about an example of a Checklist Report or not, if this is what you’re looking for Google Carson Dunlop Checklist Report and you find one…pitiful, but available.

Sounds like a cheapskate looking to do their own inspection.

…Or a disgruntled customer trying to nail their inspector for something they think he missed.

It is too simple to design one for yourself depending on how you inspect a home.

I’m willing to bet we all do it somewhat differently.
Example …
I go by compass directions. If these are not practical then the locations will be given from the perspective of facing the building from the street.
Hence ,…
North Elevation ,East Elevation ect…ect…or Front, Rear ect…
General building conditions such as …
Roof type
Soffit type
Gutters yes/no type
And adjacent to these I have an area for writing Roof Problems or whatever.
I work from the outside then into the home.
After all outside work has been done I hit hit the garage if there is one.
Get the picture?
Only you know how you do an inspection . We can’t help you because of this.
I remember trying to figure out a checklist years ago and was getting nowhere with it until I charted my inspection modus operandi then it was easy after that.

Good Luck