Home Inspection Price

I would like to know what would be a fair price to inspect a 6100 square ft. home 14 years old with a crawl space in AL. I have not done one this big before.

That’s a lot of house. I usually double my fee or more for sites that big. Just testing outlets takes an hour in itself

Only you can decide what your time is worth. There is no such thing as fair. Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Are you a top notch inspector or hack? base your price on your qualifications, experience and how long you think the job will take.

Here is a little thought people who buy houses of that size normally have more than their “fair” share of money so charge accordingly. If you really need the job go cheap.

I agree with Meeker, you must know what you, your and experience is worth. Don’t low ball your self just to get the job and break even. This is business and we are hear to make a profit. No do charity work.

Especially for those spending a ton of money. Used house salespeople get a great cut, Don,t you provide a way better service than they do?

LOL the ego of the home inspector.

My fee would be $699. We can do it in 4 hours and still have time for one or two more.

I agree. Only I would charge $850.

I’m worth it :smiley:

Some inspectors would charge and get over $1500 for that inspection.

Then they should. If the going rate were close to that, then I would do the same.

I would charge $425 for any house up to about 3000 sq ft. A 6100 sq ft is that price x2.

If I thought My competitor was charging $1500, then I’d charge $1590. :cool:

I did a century home log cabin a little smaller than that but I also did a WDI inspection with it and charged $1200.

Had it been just a HI on a newer house my fee would have been $750

Agreed… but I would be over one thousand on that one.

$950 and it would have taken longer than 4 hrs and I would not have went and did another, I would have went home and chased the wife :mrgreen::D:D:mrgreen:

My price would be $850.00 and I average 1 hour per thousand SQ FT depending on how many furnaces and A/C units are involved

Just finished on 6ooo sq ft log and 1000 sq ft open storage steel barn $1180 6 hours for inspection with 2 guys. Logs alone were almost 2 hours for me. We are very very thorough. Anything over 4000 I give them the day rate.

Me too Ken, but my wife not yours;-)

Thanks again for all the advise. I guess I am slow, figure it will take me around 8 hours with the crawl space.

It’s really hard to base your fee on comments from guys that are in other parts of the country.
What works in AL, won’t necessarily work in other parts of the States.
I recommend you work on a fee schedule for houses up to 10 000 sqf (or as high as you want), based on the time it will take you to inspect and write the report.
My quote for the home inspection alone would be $929.

Some guys here have been in the business for a long time and don’t need as long, others have been in the business for a long time and take longer.
Some have been in the business a short time and don’t think they need as long, others have been in the business for a short time and will have to take much longer…

From your last comment, you know this will be your only inspection of the day.
Make it count by 1: getting the job, 2: at fee you are happy with and 3: by having fun inspecting :smiley:

not me. My wife is too slow…it’s kind of like a dog chasing a car…

Not sure what to do with it when I catch it :wink:

It really depends what else you will be doing with the “general” home inspection, pool sprinklers ect…

I have charged more than 10K for smaller homes.