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Post: Affordable Thermal Imaging
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Posted by: jjonas
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Hey, it’s **your **website, with **your **pricing strategy, on a publically available website. If **you **can’t handle the criticism (on a closed members only MB thread), take it down!

Raise your prices and quit low balling your competition and degrading our profession. Dirtbag.

[size=1]3,500 to 4,500 Sq ft for $350?
I’m not “out of line”, just sayin’ it smells badly like a prostitute of the industry.
I do 2/2 condos for $350.

Gotta love the 4,501 sq./ft. for $382.59!

As a business owner, you get to set your own pricing. If you publish it, others get to have and express opinions about it. You certainly seem to be staking your claim at the bottom of the market.