Home inspection software and tools for sale

I am leaving the home inspection business. I have several tools and a HomeGauge software license for sale on ebay. The HomeGauge license is for v3.3 and will need an upgrade to v4 ( which is a $275 fee, or you can get it for free if you subscribe to one of their premium services ). I also have the IRC 10 dvd/workbook set for cheap. This is a great study aid to anyone trying to get their international residential code certification.
Last I have a 10 dvd/home inspection books set from ITA that I will be listing tonight under the keywords “ITA Home Inspection Books /DVD Set”.

Don’t give up Terry. Give it a couple more years and things should pick up.

Thanks Linas for the support. All you guys here have been great. I am just going to pursue some other interest.