Wanted to know what other inspectors use for their inspection software. I have inspectit, and it is not a good software. It is way overpriced and out of date.

use the search option. its been discussed to death

Robert, I think it has been discussed more than that.

Amazing how new inspectors cannot, or do not, use the search feature.

There’s even a Software sub-forum. imagine that!

Here go .

Sorry to waste your time Gary, i’ll try to use the search from now on.

A lot use this
Great program
I use this
another great program

Do not worry about wasting anyone’s time, if they are here they are not busy lol

Thanks wwilson, your professionalism and respect is appreciated.

Yeah I see that. Thanks again.

Anthony i believe you can try both for free .
I do think those are the best ones out there

I actually tried homeinspector pro. Free trial, it was good. What do you use? Have you ever heard of this one?

I have not heard of that one.
I use Homegauge myself

That one looks good, at this rate anything looks better than Inspectit. Do you pay monthly or was it one price? Sorry for all the questions.

Yep. Dead here. If you are $150, you are doing some business. I will not stoop to this level.

I use my own forms that I created for over 5 years now. Other software that I have tried is just not flexible, and too long. Some waste paper space, and are not able to print on site. Just too much work at home after the inspection for me for most all software. Some are just fluff. IMO. I do not post on site, for security reasons, but I do send sample reports on request.

I wont even leave my house for $150.00 I feel your pain. Creating my own was an idea, but for now the one I have is very time wasting and not worded properly. I just want to get out of it as fast as possible.

**<inspection software starting as low as $99>

[FONT=Verdana]Haven’t tried I[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]nspectit[/FONT],** [FONT=Verdana]but I’d imagine you get what you paid for.[/FONT]**

The 2 Wayne mentioned are the best IMO. Homegauge, which I use, has a 3 month payment plan.

Thanks Chris, I think I will free trial them. Unfortunately Inspectit was not cheap that’s what makes me more disgruntled.

Anthony, email Don Miceli and ask him how he like Home Inspector Pro : . If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks. Don has a great last name!!!