Home Gauge SW for sale

I’m posting this for a good friend of mine (Marc Budge) he had 2 brain tumors removed this has severely damaged his motor skills and can barley get around.

He has a current ver. 4 license that he needs to sell. HG says they will provide all of the support that you would get if you bought it new.

Please email me all serious offers. I will let his wife know what they are.

You will get a great piece of software with full support and save a little money to boot. Best of all you will be helping his family with a little extra bill money.

For those that want to know more about Marc you can read his story hear http://thebudgesaga.blogspot.com/ You will need to start on the last page and read up to fully understand it.


Russell has agreed to include 1 free year of service and a free web page with the sale of this license. This makes it better than buying a license directly from HG.

sorry to hear this about Marc…

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Anyone interested in great reporting software should jump on this offer.



How can we help $ ? Can we send funds?

Thanks’ for all the comments. I will pass them along.
As of now they are not asking for donations. I know they appreciate the gesture.


Just to repeat this offer:
In an effort to help, HomeGauge will give one full year of HG Services which includes upgrades ($300 value)

and a free website (not just a web page) and hosting using our HG website builder. ($150 value)

For those on the fence getting ready to go HomeGauge or looking to become a multi inspector, anything less than full price makes this a great offer and helps out a fellow home inspector!

If you buy the software which helps out this fellow inspector, we’ll throw in a year’s dues, new member or renewal ($289 value).

Would like to offer $500. for 1 copy of this software.I just purchased another software recently but would like to use HOME GAUGE.
Dennis Schad

would like to offer $500 for 1 copy HG.
Dennis Schad schad@harborside.com

Wow that is great I know he/we really appreciate the kindness of NACHI/HG.


Sorry to hear about your friend.

This is a very good deal!!! I recommend anyone that has been wanting this software act quickly, I don’t see this lasting long. HG is a wonderful product and has excellent support. If I didn’t already have it, I would have bought it.

It looks like Dennis Schad could really benefit with a HG software, Services, his own website and a full year membership in INACHI. Wow!

Mark (Roach) ask Marc if he is ready to sell! Unless someone else wants to bid higher than $500

I will bid $550.00 if it is still available!

Jim Murphy

Antebellum Home inspection Services


550 550 550 5555555 bbadaaba aspada do I here 575?

I know he was looking to get 750.00 for it. This is a great deal and you would be helping a fellow inspector out.


I will up my bid to $600.00
Dennis Schad

Mark, if your friend will take $250.00 per month for three months then I will up it to $750.00 which is what he wants.

Jim Murphy

Antebellum Home Inspection


Jim, I have sent your information to his son Steve.

Thank You