Home Inspection Tools

Can anyone help me.

I am looking into purchasing a few tools and was wondering what brands would be best and what brands would be adequate. I do want the best tools but I don’t want to pay double for a tool when another tool has a similar quality.

Combustible Gas Detector
Infrared Thermometer
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Moisture meter
Thermal Imager
Circuit Analyzer
Clamp Meter

I would like to know what specialty item I am missing here for the serious home inspector as well as how often you as an inspector use these tools.

Also since this is my first post here I would like to say thanks to all who put this forum and site together. It is appearing to be extremely valueable and I would like to get involved further.


You don’t need the clamp meter or the multimeter. . .

Tic Tracer
3 bulb tester
water pressure gauge
Eye test
Local code book of some sort
INACHI Membership

This is the equipment I have. But if your just starting out you can get away with just a gas detector,infrared gun, and there are alot less expensive circuit testers to start with and a few other tools. What does your standards of practice say to test for and get the tools needed when starting out? Tools can get expensive quick in this business. Its easy to start buying tools and tools you dont need, my wife says the reason I got into inspecting was just so I could buy some new tools. I should probably join toolaholics anonymous. But I am not ready to admit I have an issue yet. Keep an eye out on Ebay you can find some really good deals there and also register on Professional Equipments mailing list they run an offer every now and then for 15% off and free shipping.

Combustible Gas Detector-Bacharach Leakerator
Infrared Thermometer-Fluke IR thermometer
Carbon Monoxide Detector-Fluke CO-220
Moisture meter-Tramex Encounter Plus
Thermal Imager-Dont have one yet
Circuit Analyzer-Suretest 61-165 & Suretest 61-059
Clamp Meter-Fluke 902
Multimeter-Fluke 87

By the way you came to the right place for information. The people here are great about helping each other and sharing information. It is also a great place to learn. Good Luck

what is a tic tracer… sorry havent picked up that tid bit of info yet…

Shades, a must: http://www.nachi.org/shades2008.htm :cool:

Is that a “before and after” photo…Paris, before her first cup of coffee on the left?

The east coast is known to have spotted ticks that tramsmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. A tic tracer is used as personal protection from tics which are usually found in crawl spaces.:wink:

One of you guys should make a starter pack and sell it in www.InspectorMALL.com

Brian why do you suggest a local code book?
Infrared thermometers are now be sold at of all places MicroCenter for about $38.
Give me a flashlight , camera , screwdriver and duct tape and I can give you a report.
(why duct tape) I just like it.
I think alot of gadgets are great just to give you a center starting point and add to the bells and whistles .
That being said ,money on tools is never a waste


Like this:

Ditto, great company to buy from. They have everything you need and some you don’t.

and what is it used for???

That will tell you if a wire or outlet is live, very handy for knob and tube.

Not nice Linas…You are supposed to be helpful…it was really funny though…lol;-)

It tic until it comes in proximity with a wire that has voltge on it, then it whines.:smiley:

Great tool for determining live wires and devices at line voltage.

P.S. you guys are mean.:wink:

And all this time I thought it determined a functioning a watch…

HAHA… funny guys…lol… so what do those run? anywhere best to get one or are they standardized

btw hhow do i leave feedback on one;s account, do i have to be a member? i went to add those greenies to some helpful guys