Home Inspection Yellow Pages offers 1/2 off to NACHI members exclusively.

The Home Inspection yellowpages and Inspectors Whos Who Directory is available to NACHI members at 50% for life- As long as you are a NACHI member, you will receive 50% off your listing.


A service and discount for every NACH member on the earth!


The above link is no good.


It would appear there is no order in the listings ?

Are these simply being listed on a first come / first served basis?

Nick: Thanks for posting it

John: Thanks for relinking it

Russell: Yes, they have been listed on a first come, first serve basis- we also will be introducing county listings for those who wish to be specific- we are already in 35 states and growing- We plan on implementing the county changes on or before May 15th, 2006. Not bad since the site only officially ws launched with many peoples help only 60 days ago-

We will also offer premium listings, but for now are pleased with the listing response from several inspectors who have indicated they were seen on the site, we are also marketing the site to 2 million opt in e-mails every week based upon a program we subscribe to. It seems to be working well for our membership directory participants.

Russ. If you want to be included, as a chapter president, you can be, listed at any time- that was and if in the chapter presidents postings.

Have a great day.
Spell checker off if there are any typo’s


Ok Nicks post indicated 50% off, The web site says regular rate is $150.00 and NACHI rate is $99.00 So is our rate $99.00 or $75.00?:nachi: