HomeInspectionListings.org offers NACHI-member deal.

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Don’t you think putting this here instead of the members only is a bad idea? now anyone can get the discount.

Wisconsin Home Inspection, ABC Home Inspection LLC

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Glenn and I am the creator and administrator of a new site, HomeInspectionListings.org

As announced in the WHATS NEW section, we are currently offering discounts to NACHI members for the HomeInspectionListings.org Listings site as well as a donation to the NACHI Scholarship Fund for each new sign-up.
- http://www.nachi.org/homeinspectionlistings.htm

HomeInspectionListings.org lets you list your company, and advertise your products and services to a national marketplace. Our family of trade sites will feature detailed search tools for locating your service. Your service will be cross-indexed on each of our sites, allowing greater opportunities for you. We are in a growing stage and looking to add new members to our site, as in the next few weeks we will be opening a major campaign in the major search engines which will include Google AdSense, Yahoo Directory Listings, and Overture listing and ad services.

Specifically, HomeInspectionListings.org provides a listing service for Home Inspectors, and for Home Inspection Services. We offer 3 convenient plans you can register with, as outlined in detail on our site. Each plan type offers progressively more options for your listing, and the Platinum offers a web page of your own that you can link to, and provide the link to, for any of your clients and from any other site you wish.

Our staff can assist you with your listing, including design of a simple logo for your listing if needed.

I am more than happy to discuss any and all questions and concerns regarding our services, whether here or by direct contact. I look forward to hearing from everyone, offering our services to everyone, and hopefully benefiting your businesses and the NACHI scholarship fund along the way.

Patrick Glenn