Home Inspector Association of South Florida

Can you add a stop in Orlando to that?

Sure. I’d actually prefer to hit more than one event/state back-to-back. More efficient. I’ll book Orlando the day before or after they have me at one of their events.

Tampa too.

50 registered so far. Please RSVP if attending

Was a great meeting last night. Over 70 inspectors showed up.

Cool beans. Were most local mia, dade, palm, monroe?

…no thanks, we have Jeff Hooper for that.

Mostly local, but port at Lucie and Naples were there. People will travel for good education

Don’t be mean. Nick would be a great presenter. Put whatever grudge you have in your back pocket and think of the numbers he would draw for the association. I would definitely like to see Nick put on a presentation (on any subject).

What inspection license or credentials in the state of Florida does Nick have besides an HI license (which is a question all itself seeing as he was grandfathered in the license yet has never performed a home inspection in the state of Florida)? Is he ADA certified? 101 Life Safety certified? Does he have ANY commercial inspection credentials with an accredited Association or ICC in the state of Florida?

As you know, we have our own building code in Florida…it’s not “mean” Ed, it’s just a fact.

Well, I’m a commercial property inspector who has performed hundreds of commercial property inspections. I am the lead author of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties including all the associated documents including the contracts, addendum, checklists, ancillary commercial inspection standards, etc. I also wrote the commercial inspection course which is based solely on those International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties and which is approved by many government agencies and private organizations including your State of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and the International Code Council (ICC) which you mentioned. The course, based on those commercial standards, is the most approved commercial inspection course in existence. My commercial templates are built into all the most popular reporting software packages (HIP, HG, etc) in our industry. I also authored or co-authored a couple dozen inspection-related books and hundreds of inspection-related articles. I’m also a licensed/insured General Contractor. I also have several ICC certifications. I’m also a mason. I also own a medium-sized heavy equipment company and am an experienced (40 years) operator. I’m also a licensed/insured wastewater treatment installer. I also have every InterNACHI certification. I’m also a licensed/insured Florida Home Inspector. I’m also a licensed/insured Florida Mold Assessor. I’m also the Founder of the largest inspection association in the world (and Florida). I can go on and on about myself, bla bla bla, but you get the idea. When it comes to inspecting anything, I have plenty to say.

Anyway, my presentation has nothing to do with “Florida building codes.”

It is a presentation that explains how to use a collection of documents (including www.nachi.org/comsop), marketing strategies geared toward procuring repeat (annual) inspections of commercial properties, and a team of local subject matter experts and licensed tradesmen to build a multimillion dollar commercial inspection business… all without inspecting anything personally (unless you want to).

It’s not an inspection seminar, it’s an inspection business seminar.

When would you like me to come down?

Come on Robert, everyone knows it is something personal with you concerning Nick. Set that aside for the good of the organization. Let’s have Nick come down and do a presentation on something. Doesn’t have to be Florida code. It can be anything. Show that you are the bigger man. Lay down your arms.

Yes, please don’t deny us all the opportunity to see a live presentation from Nick because of a personal vendetta. I attended last nights meeting and I intend to join the organization next month and would love to have the opportunity to see Nick talk about any topic. Doesn’t have to be Florida specific.

I don’t think it is anything personal, i highly doubt Robert has even met Nick. It is purely professional. Robert and some of his cronies don’t like Inachi.(period) Robert(or someone else) should tell you why out of professional courtesy. As with most anything else opinions may vary.

FYI if you really want to see Nick, set-up your own meeting. Invite him and he will come. We even got Ben to come to a meeting once.

I think one of the most important things an inspector should do is go out to meetings and meet other inspectors. This could be as simple as the South Florida meeting,to Fabi meetings or a larger conference. You will learn much from fellow inspectors over breakfast, on breaks in the hall and even more over a couple of cold ones. You might be surprised to know what you don’t know.

As you many might wonder, Robert is actually much nicer in person than he appears here.

So we are all on the same page…it isn’t anything personal, it never was. Inspectors disagree constantly because most are uneducated or are simply not interested in knowing more, ignorance is bliss I guess…

We are not going to hold hands and take a long windy walk on the beach, we are not girlfriends…we are adults! I’m going to tell it to you like it is and make no apologies for doing so. We should all have our big boy pants on now and be fully capable of reaffirming our position and backing it up with facts…not opinions or self taught ideologies from practices gone by. The worst phrase I here that is the most damaging to our industry is “No one else makes me do that, so why do I have to?”…or…“You’ve got to be kidding me, now I have to do what”? (credit Mr. Jerry Peck).

We need better educators and people actually versed in building code practices, that’s where you learn! Did you notice he said “my presentation has nothing to do with Florida Building Codes”? Did you ever notice just about every question asked on this forum is answered through the Building Code? So how is that going to work?

Nick has NO credentials, other than the one’s he created…don’t take my word for it, just read what he wrote, do you see anything of substance he didn’t create? What did John say on another post? "Those who can’t do, teach?"

Nick can do neither! I have read some of his stuff, nothing of substance.

Personally I don’t care if you are the enemy as long as what you say will help me to perform my business better. I don’t have to like you to learn from you. In college I had a professor that I didn’t like at all. Everything about him was opposite the way I think but he was very educated and knew his stuff. All that aside I struggled thru and made a B. Therefore, I am all for having Nick speak here in Orlando in the near future.

We have an education committe set up and they decide who the speakers are going to be. Right now speakers have been scheduled through the end of the year.

This is a membership driven organization. If you want to have a say in who the speakers are, I would urge you to join the organization. While we do alllow and encourage everyone to attend, members have input into who we bring in as speakers and the topics that they want subjects they want.

Right now commercial inspections are not on the radar. We are not allowed to do them under our home inspector license. As this is a home inspectors association, right now we are focusing on home inspections, wind mitigation inspections, and four point inspections. We are about education and providing the best possible information that we can.

Like John said, if you want Nick to do a commercial presentation, take it upon your self to set it up.

I’m down for Nick coming to Orlando.

If you’d prefer a credentialed inspection instructor (I’m more of a business success consultant)… no one has more inspection instructor credentials than my brother: http://www.nachi.org/ben-gromicko.htm

Lots of questions on one of the most active boards, haven’t seen him answer one technical question yet.