Home inspector - Florida

Just curious. I’m interested in knowing what to expect as an average annual income for a home inspector in the state of Florida. Looking for realistic earning capacity.

Average income? Don’t know. I would say $30,000 once you take away all deductions. That is just a guess on my end and the deductions are a huge benefit.

Depends on how much of a bottom feeder you want to be. Charge accordingly, run an actual business, know your stuff and the sky is the limit really.

There are really too many variables to consider to give you an accurate figure. I did 80K my first year back in 1995, but I was doing 3 inspection a day and working roughly 12-14 hours a day. This was before computers, real cellphones, etc.

After I got a computer, an old laptop, I started getting pickier about which inspections I wanted to do, but, raised my prices. Later I got rid of my office and became completely mobile. I make roughly the same amount as I did back then, but, only work 8-10 days a month. Everything is done onsite with 15-20 minutes of post production, then the report is e mailed and I am done. Pictures are automatically uploaded to dropbox, and the report is automatically saved to Google Drive. When I click send, I am done for the day.

I don’t see why you couldn’t, as an individual inspector, make 30-50 K and keep most of it. Also, being a corporation, a lot of things are deductible, which unless you draw a salary, can make things difficult as far as buying a home goes.