New Florida Inspectors

There are hundreds of great inspectors that love inspecting but hate the business and marketing aspect of our profession.

I can offer you a full inspection schedule (10 inspections per week) and a weekly income between $1,250 to $1,500 per week with no advertising, scheduling or software expenses. In addition, I pay for uniform shirts, Internachi membership fees, Realtors Association Membership, $1 million liability insurance and Supra access expenses.

Expect to work 12-hour days, 5-days per week and drive 35,000 miles per year.

See our business model at

Available areas are:
Ft. Myers, Miami, and Indian River county.

Call Dave at 386 214 3870 if interested.

That’s rich… Not that I’d ever be anyone’s employee, but I became an inspector explicitly to work fewer days / less hours with an eye to reduce driving, especially during rush hour. :upside_down_face:

Good luck recruiting anyone with that business model. :thinking:


Especially with only paying the inspector roughly 25% of the inspection. $125 - $150?!


Less than $20/hr. if overtime pay is factored in
with a probably incorrect assumption of $1400 a
weak average

Someone would be economically slavish not to do their own marketing and start their own business!!!

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I’d be very wary about working for what may amount to a scheduling service, and being fooled into thinking you’re an employee in any meaningful sense. The operators I’m familiar with in Connecticut, altho this goes back some years, promised inspectors such-and-such income which they never delivered on, except for maybe one or two inspectors fed the gravy inspections as they came up while lower-paying inspections originally assigned to them were switched out and fobbed off on the newcomers along with condos as last minute changes.

One of these booking operators actually touted itself as the small business that’s run like a corporation and used to pitch agents at office presentations as being this outfit’s clients while the buyers were merely its customers. This is a distinction without difference, of course, but the agents got the message loud and clear. As far as I know these operators are still at it.

Inspectors fall for these come-ons and probably last less than a year in most cases, learning the hard way that their real income is not only not $20 an hour, but more like half that amount when running across the state for bottom rate condo inspections is factored in. I’m not saying this fellow’s offer is not as he describes it and not a good opportunity, but only that inspectors who want to go this route had better not go in to the interview with rose colored glasses on, especially if they’ve got a family to support. Ask for details about the promised inspections and proof of average income, and if you don’t get it, assume you’re being had.

So you’re clearly a glass half empty guy. There are three inspectors working here for 2 plus years making more than I advertised. And I work right along side them as an inspector. BTW, I have had 11 requests, so far, from inspectors
who hate the business side of things and aren’t making the money we make. Go rain on someone else’s parade.


There are more than 13,000 licensed inspectors in Florida and fewer than 10% of them make more than the State average income for an inspector which is $57,000.00 per year.

I developed this opportunity for these inspectors.

The advice to inspectors still stands: get written confirmation of what this man is offering.

Free advice from a guy, who by his own admission, has not seen this offer and has never met the people involved. This is called cynicism. By definition it is the belief that everything is rigged and you can’t trust anyone or anything. Most cynics have failed so many times in their lives, or have fallen victim to one too many get rich quick schemes that they can no longer conceive of a legitimate offer. They view themselves as failures, so they try to drag others down with them. Unwarranted negativity and unfounded accusations are the tools of their trade.

Any profitable business will involve some degree of risk. This is why not everyone is rich. You can’t win if you never play.

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I, for one, applaud the OP for disclosing everything upfront.

Too often folks make a similar post, offer up no details, and everyone hounds the person with questions about “who, what, & why”.

If this offer meets some inspector’s needs, then that’s great. And if they don’t like the sound of it, so be it.


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David, I attended the recent Nachi dinner in Sarasota but don’t recall seeing you there. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

I agree with you Dom.
Let’s just say his numbers are low and you only make 1K a week. 48 weeks. 4 weeks off due to holidays, sick days, etc…
Then you get uniforms, paid education and membership, insurance, and, not have to worry about running a business and all that goes with that. I am going to assume it is going to be a 1099 position with a non compete, and if so, if done right, there are numerous tax advantages.
I am sure 48K a year is plenty for many. And that is using the low end.