Home inspector out $13,000 for leaky foundation advice

Be careful what and how you report on foundation cracks (to monitor or seal the cracks?): https://www.canadianunderwriter.ca/markets-coverages/home-inspector-13000-leaky-foundation-advice-1004126432/

P.S. I know it has been posted before and it may help some new inspectors.


different thoughts here lol, on one hand i feel for THIS home inspector because he did more in helping to identify the actual problem than most do but screwed up by telling them to monitor an… existing defect/crack. Buyers could have also used common sense here, all should have… ‘Gee, look a crack in F wall, it can allow water in basement which then may cause some mold so let’s get est’s on getting in waterproofed’. Or this HI could have NOT screwed around n tried to help and instead do what many other HI’s apparently do, refer to S E or contractor.

Say this, we hear that crap a lot around here, ‘Monitor the crack’, lolol, wtf is that? Must come from the ones who also tell homeowners to regrade when they have a leaky foundation/basement.

Ok there’s a hole in roof valley, do home inspector tell sellers/buyers to ‘monitor the hole in roof?’

There are vertical, step or horizontal cracks in mortar joints/bricks, do you tell sellers/buyers to… ‘monitor these cracks?’ There are cracks in chimney m joints/bricks, do you tell them to monitor these existing defects too? ‘Honey, the HI told us to monitior the cracks in chimney so every week i’ll get out the ladder and you go up and take measurements’!! lol Come on man.

The hole in the roof and cracks in M joints/bricks can allow water in so ummm, lol, they need to be repaired, NOT monitored! sheesh no common sense anymore.

-Home inspector ordered to pay $18,000 to buyer

‘he reported significant defects verbally, rather than in writing’

‘the inspection took about an hour to complete’… one whole hour?

‘inspector suggested MINOR remedial measures to deal with those matters’

-minor remedial measures, hmmm, kind of goes with some who tell homeowners to play with the grade when there is an existing foundation crack (s) and leaky area(s) in basement