more foundation wall anchors, scam--O--la

They recently bought this house, first decent rain basement leaks.

Wall anchors, foundation wall cracks were HIDDEN by drywall, buyers NOT told about wall anchors nor the existing foundation wall cracks
Somebody also parged over the cracks in wall on the outside that extend UP from ground level, that garbage is falling off/deteriorating…attempt to CONCEAL existing defects, SUE the realtor, home inspector and seller

How does any foundation-waterproofing contractor come to the conclusion and recommendation to install wall anchors on a foundation wall that is bowing in and has multiple cracks? Dumb as a stump, incompetent, self-serving morons, just like the Prez of the United States of bimbos.

Buyers talking to lawyer.

Just because there is a central unit that needs to be moved in order to waterproof the exterior and there WAS a smaller above ground pool about 12’ away (buyers gutted it) and small deck (buyers gutted it) doesn’t mean dumb shtt like, ‘Oh we can’t access the exterior wall so you need wall anchors…’ the foundation wall needed (still needs) to be waterproofed on the outside, remove the clay soil and underground roots (yes several trees within 15’ of wall) to reduce, relieve the pressure against the stupid wall and to seal the multiple cracks in wall… so it doesn’t leak!!! Idiots.

The amount of money spent of these wall anchors, approx. $3,500- 5,000 should have been spent on exterior waterproofing! I gave 'em estimate… $3,300…includes moving the stupid AC but toooooooo many are told bullllllllllllll**** stories like, “Oh exterior waterproofing would be too costly” etc etc, you are getting LIED TO people, YES you are!