Home Inspector Pro 3 Released!

Home Inspector Pro 3.0 is OUT!

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It has been 4 years since we released Home Inspector Pro 2.0. Thanks in large part to InterNACHI and it’s members the program has come an extremely long way since then! Version 2.0 only had one template, wasn’t very customizable, all photos had to print to the back of the report, there were no borders, you couldn’t change all the fonts. Boy have things changed!! Over 30 updates later I’m happy to announce that Home Inspector Pro 3.0 is out with some very exciting new features!!
Home Inspector Pro 3.0 Top New Features!

  • HIP Sketch Pad! This is one of the largest new features and has been in the works for almost 2 years. It allows you to draw out floor plans and other diagrams, automatically to scale, within HIP. Sketches can be the same size as a normal HIP picture (400x400), as tall as a normal picture but as wide as the page (800x400) or FULL PAGE! This is a huge new feature with tons of components and will be growing even more in time to work for pest inspections and other applications.

  • Insert photos EVEN FASTER! HIP has long been the fastest program when it comes to inserting photos. Our new version automatically drops down the items list to save you 25% less clicks!

  • Photos can now be displayed 2 OR 3 across on the report under Report Settings->Options.

  • Mac users can now import photos directly from iPhoto! This should save at least 5 minutes per report!

  • Added the ability to change to font type & size of the header & footer within each section. Go to Report Settings->Print Options to make the changes.

  • You can add a descriptive comment/notes/short hand, at the front of narratives that helps you find the comment easier and it won’t show on the final report. For example: [Leaking Sink]]Water was observed under the sink due to a leak. I recommend having this repaired. [Leaking Sink]] shows within Home Inspector Pro to make the comment easier to find but will not show on the report. Just put your “Note” within ]] and you’re set!

  • HIP Start page. When Home Inspector Pro starts up you’ll be greeted by a page containing a HIP Tip, Upcoming Events, Most Recent Message Board Posts and more! This page will not appear if you aren’t connected to the Internet. It can be prevented from starting up in the future under Report Settings->Options. You can manually visit the page by clicking on About->HIP News at the top of the program.

  • A whole new, native Mac/Windows file dialog window has been added. When adding photos one at a time you can now view thumbnails of all images in the directory at once using the system dialog. Works with 32 or 64 bit versions of Java.

  • Preparations within the program to get ready for an Android/iPhone/iPad release!

  • And a WHOLE bunch more.Click here for a complete list of new features and changes on the message boards.Watch the new HIP start-up page for tips & tricks using HIP 3.0.

MAKE SURE you’re using the new Home Inspector Pro 3 icon on Windows or you won’t be using the new version! On a Mac, you’ll only have one version.

HIP 3.0 will install alongside your 2.0 installation on Windows. Meaning if you decide not to upgrade to HIP 3.0 you can just continue to use the Home Inspector Pro 2.0 icon. NEVER Uninstall HIP! You will remove your reports as well. Upgrading will not cause you to lose your templates or reports. Make sure you are installing to the same directory or you might end up with 2 copies of the program.

Note that we always recommend backing up before updating. Even though we don’t anticipate any problems it’s just a good time to make sure you have all your data backed up.

If you have any questions, please let us know via email or our Help Desk or give us a call!


Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

Nice feature. Where have I seen it before ? :slight_smile:

I could only guess! It was suggested on our message boards by Bob King a few months ago. Took about 5 minutes to add, so I did!