Home Inspector Pro 5 Released!

Home Inspector Pro 5.0 is out and better than ever! With powerful new features you’ll be able to save time, produce better looking reports and impress your clients and agents more than you already do. Upgrade before 7/26/2017 and save $50 off the upgrade by using coupon code IWANTHIP5. Anyone that purchased or upgraded to HIP 4 in the last 6 months gets HIP 5 for free.


What’s new with Home Inspector Pro 5?

Automatically link graphics with narratives and save time by not having to search through your library to find where you saved that “TPR Valve” diagram. - https://youtu.be/ztiVcCuGfPo

Get more referrals from agents by helping them generate a Reference Addendum via the new Home Inspector Pro / ISN addendum generation tool. - https://youtu.be/zmyivRiTdj4

Create an even better-looking report with our new Cover Page Designer. Move and fully customize your text, insert shading, boxes, and combine with digital stationery to create a marketing masterpiece. - https://youtu.be/3oLakUhsXCk

Include external documents using our new PDF Insertion tool. You can insert PDF’s before the cover page, within the report or at the end. This even works with HTML reports! - https://youtu.be/cJ3ZRoRsDSE

Start integrating with HomeBinder with our new integration tool. If you’re not using HomeBinder check it out at www.homebinder.com/partners/register/inspector and use Affiliate Code HomeInspectorPro for a free trial and receive a $60 Home Depot or Amazon gift card. - https://youtu.be/rTFMRsi3Sfo

and much more! View full details at https://goo.gl/HuS1Qk . HIP 5.1 isn’t far behind with even more updates!

HIP 5 can be downloaded by logging into our website and going to User Menu=>Downloads. You may need to reboot before installing. We recommend waiting until you get your HIP 5 license before installing to ensure you can generate reports with your name.

Very sweet.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys do with that feature. Especially since it’ll even work in the HTML versions of the reports. It’ll include page numbers within the report too!

Are there any plans to create a function which will allow us to index an image and then navigate directly to the same selection panel to enter a narrative?

Yes, it’s on the to-do list. It may already be completed for HIP 5.1, I’ll need to check.

I’m in!!

That would be awsome!

Originally Posted by ehacker:

“Are there any plans to create a function which will allow us to index an image and then navigate directly to the same selection panel to enter a narrative?”

Are there any updates on this?

Yup! It’s done in HIP 5.2 which we’re internally testing out right now. I’m trying to get it out to our beta testers today or tomorrow. Having a baby Monday slowed things put me behind a few days!

Just wait until kiddo is 6 months old, and you realize you’ve haven’t slept in weeks. :wink:

No doubt. Of course I don’t sleep much anyways so we’ll see how that works out!

hang in there Dom

Awesome! Thanks for the update. Congrats on the little one!

Adam will look great in Green.

I need to get him a HIP outfit!

Are there any updates about the release of v5.2?

It’s in beta testing. Just wrapping up a few loose ends before going public.

Thanks for the update!

Dominc, next release can you think about Template option for preselected narrative and comments?

I would love it if there was a way to have new narratives that get added to a section like bathrooms in which you may have several bathrooms in your template copy automatically to all of the same sections. As an example i have 6 bathrooms in my template and if i add or edit a narrative in say bathroom 1 it would be great if that edit/new narrative automatically goes into the remaining 5 bathrooms instead of having to copy and paste.