Home Inspector Pro 4 Released!!

Hi Guys,

HIP 4 is finally here and available on our website. It’s been over 3 years and about 20 updates since HIP 3 was released. There’s a lot of very exciting and new features in HIP 4 and there’s a lot more planned to be released soon. Below is a list of new features, design changes and bug fixes.

Over the next week I’ll get some better samples and video tutorials up to go over all the new features!


New Feature: Integrated Video!! You can now add mp4/3gp video files directly to your Home Inspector Pro reports. Please note that (for now) these videos require a full PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to view. Please note this in your report introduction! While most people have Adobe Acrobat some will try to view the PDF in their emails “PDF Preview” program which will not work.


New Feature: Integrated glossary! A popup will show up over common defined words/acronymns clients normally won’t understand with the definition of the word/acronymn. A glossary is created at the end of the report with a list of all glossary words used in the report that appeared in the report with their defintiion. Enable just the popup, just the glossary at the end of the report or both!

New Feature: Upload reports directly to ISN from within Home Inspector Pro!


New Feature: Uses new ISN API to automatically get server you’re on. No need to contact ISN to create a proxy.

New Feature: Fills in ISN Order ID in Other Field

New Feature: Apprentice field added for apprentice/sponsoring inspectors in Texas. This information will show on the Texas cover page.

New Feature: Sketch feature can now be used in metric format (previously only imperial measurements).

Design Change: Dimensions will no longer show on images inserted into Sketches.

Design Change: HIP will load cell phone for ISN first, and if doesn’t exist, home phone and then work phone.

Design Change: Documents can now be added after the end of the TREC report but before the summary.

Bug Fix: Item separator should be correct in HIP desktop when opening an inspection from HIP Mobile.

Bug Fix: Item Name Format Background color now saves properly after setting the color.

Bug Fix: Last page of the report isn’t set to the same color as the summary if the summary is at the front of the report. If it is at the end, the page before it is the correct color.

Do you have a sample with video and the other new features?

Nice Job Dominic,

I think the glossary can have all sorts of uses, kudos!

Glossary is my favorite new feature.
Trying to figure best way to use it .

It is working good.
Takes about 5 seconds to load it into the report.

Simply shows thumb till you click on it like it is another photo in size but obvious its a video…

Cant wait to try it out, just waiting on a new license

No Mac upgrade?

mac will be out over the next few days. My goal is Sunday.

I’ll have some sample reports shortly. I wanted to get some real videos from our users to use.

Eric, I’m working on catching up on licenses right now, as you can imagine there’s been a ton of requests tonight!

Tim, Bob, I’m glad you like the feature! I’ve wanted to implement it for quite awhile but was short on time. I’m super excited about it.

Oh baby, I got three days off over the weekend and Dom releases a new version… Sweet!


I’m going to have to re-evaluate my evaluation of HIP for mac then!

LOL, you’ll love the new features Cameron. Trying to get a ton of license updates out right now and then have a few small fixes to do tonight and tomorrow (tiny things like a checkbox not saving right). So I’ll probably have a 4.0.2 out tomorrow too.

Just purchased and sent in a license request. I think this is truly the definition of “giddy as a school girl”.

BTW, the recent mobile version, combined with going back to my IPhone for reporting, has sped up my onsite reporting by about another 15-20 minutes. And that’s with annotating 10-20 photos which I previously did at the office.

Ridiculous. :slight_smile:

How do you caption photos in HIP mobile?

Soon as you take the picture and save it the caption box is available to type in or use preformatted dropdowns.

Mine only gives me the option to rotate, add text, or add a shape or arrow

Sheehan you are clicking the pencil which is for graphic edits such as text bubbles and arrows. touch the thumbnail or any of the white space in the row outside the pencil to see saved captions or add one.
Download swift key as it is even faster for common captions with its prediction ability.

Thanks Bob!

If you have the new 4.03 as soon as Dom is done loading all the new licenses he is going to add 4.04 which will highlight any word you pick as glossary definition and a whole pop up will occur .This means you can for instance add the caption no GFCI ] and it will highlight that word so clients can pass a mouse over the caption to see a definition of GFCI as example.:slight_smile:

Pretty exciting stuff.

Your phone and tablet videos can be entered like any standard picture in photo edit on desktop right now.

Just set videos to MP4.

HIP is now officially ahead of the pack.

Dom, Thanks for the 4.03 fix it worked like a charm.
Those on the fence on what report software to get, look no further get HIP
Great product and Awesome support

Rico, Come to the HIP side.

Well, it ALREADY does that as of HIP 4, but at Bob’s request, I’ll be adding it to Captions too :stuck_out_tongue: