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Christmas Sale

Your site is very confusing as far as looking for price.

Sorry about any confusion Peter. After 15 years we’ve built up a few different options for inspectors. In a way that’s part of what has helped us to become one of the largest in the industry, used in over 20 countries.

Feel free to call us at 888-750-4777 and we can answer any questions you may have. While others may just have a straight forever monthly payment option, we have many inspectors that just want to purchase HIP outright. Because of this we have the option to purchase Home Inspector Pro with or without HIP Mobile as well as the option to just lease month to month as long as you use it (which is how many other programs do it).

HIP Office is our scheduling, automated email, contracts, payment, etc office system. It’s an optional add-on that you can select. HIP Office includes HIP Cloud as part of it.

HIP Cloud is required for mobile use and covers all storage and data transfers, updates, etc associated with the mobile software.

Does your software require a large purchase price plus a monthly subscription?

You can buy it outright, as Dom mentioned above.

He said HIP cloud is required for mobile? I want software I can use At a remote site without paying a monthly fee.

I see, I’m sure Dom will chime in. I use the desktop program, as I choose to write my reports at home.

Got it thanks

If you’re using a Windows or Mac laptop or a Windows tablet on site you can just purchase HIP Desktop and no monthly fee is required. You’d just email the PDF report to your clients.

If you’re using HIP Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android) there is a $20/mo Cloud fee required (or you can get HIP Office for $50/mo which includes the cloud and office management solution). It’s not possible to have software on an iPhone or Android without a monthly fee in some way as we all have to pay for servers on the internet such as Amazon (we pay Amazon and Google for servers, data transfer and backups), tech support, programmers, etc. Some may call it part of a yearly tech support fee or something else. In some way we have employees to pay and webhosts to pay and have to recoup that.

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