Home Inspector Pro releases Mobile HIP for Android, and Home Inspector Pro 3.2.

Home Inspector Pro has officially released Home Inspector Pro 3.2 and along with it Mobile HIP for Android. You can download the long awaited Mobile HIP from your Android tablet or phone by going to Google Play and search for Home Inspector Pro. Go to http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/Home-Inspector-Pro/an-overview-of-hip-mobile-android-home-inspector-software.html to watch a video on how easy HIP Mobile is to use.

Mobile HIP allows you to sync all of your templates from the desktop version of HIP and collect data and take photos while on the inspection saving inspectors even more time. Once done the inspection is sync’d through the cloud back to the Mac or Windows version of Home Inspector Pro where any final touches can be made and the report generated. Mobile HIP is free for the next month for inspectors to use and will be $199 after for the mobile license (which will eventually include the iPhone and iPad version as well).

Home Inspector Pro 3.2 has also been released with lots of new features! While Home Inspector Pro’s list price is $650 (for new users), InterNACHI members save $150!

Just to list a few of the new features added in Home Inspector Pro 3!

Full integration with RecallChek allowing you to submit your data directly from Home Inspector Pro.
New Mobile Sync section to send templates and receive inspections from mobile devices.
French template, spell check and interface added.
2 or 3 photos can print across in a report.
Added an “Add Note” button when editing/adding narratives that inserts a [NOTE]] for your reference or fast narrative look up.
Alternative rating options were added. Instead of just having an X you can have multiple different styles of X and check marks.
Ability to add borders to photos of any color and variable thickness.
HIP Sketch Pad! Allows you to draw out floor plans and other diagrams, to scale within HIP. Sketchs can be the same size as a normal HIP picture (400x400), as tall as a normal picture but as wide as the page (800x400) or FULL PAGE! This is a huge new feature with tons of components and will be growing even more in time to work for pest inspections and other applications.
and MUCH more!
To try out Home Inspector Pro 3 go to http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com and click on Download Trial. If you’re currently a user you can log into the site and click on Home Inspector Pro downloads to upgrade. If you have any questions click on Help Desk at the top of the site, email Help@HomeInspectorPro.com or call us at 888-750-4777.


Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro

Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

Thanks for posting this Nick. I’d like to give a special thanks to all the InterNACHI guys that helped beta test HIP Mobile for Android and HIP 3.2 over the last 3-4 months. You guys have been a HUGE help!

Just checked out the demo video on it…pretty slick!

Demo does not even show everything.
I feel much more comfortable and faster with mobile on a phone than a tablet.

This allows the option.

Yeah I was kicking myself afterwards for not showing a few things like the white theme (click Menu->White theme when on the Sync page).