Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software Holiday Special!!

I spent over 10 years looking for the right software I knew in my own mind what I was looking for just did not see it any where else. Dom must of been inside of my head when he wrote this program. Simple to use powerful options and I am sure more to come.

I created the Texas template into a new name SystemXSystem that I saved it as; to differentiate between the other templates I am building. I have added a lot of my own info into the library about 40 hours worth and I am sure it will not have every circumstance you will discover during an inspection but I have made a very good start.

I would offer this template to any HIP user that would like to view it and I am not asking any return template. My E-Mail is in my profile give me a buzz

Happy to swap, Charley-
Check your inbox!

Sent but got reply from your Spam blocker let me know if you received

Yup, already looked at it, Charley, thanks-
Lotsa stuff in there!!!

So If I say Robert, Russ, and Charley referred me, Do I get $150 off?:slight_smile:

I also have a template for HIP if any one is interested.

Yes sir I believe in being descriptive; I want my reports to be very easy for the repair person to work from. If the home has 4 bathrooms or 5 bedrooms and I have a leaking drain on a lavatory I want the repair person to be able to walk to the exact bathroom not have to search every bathroom to find a leaking drain. If I used the canned statement (Lavatory drain leaking) and there was two bathroom drains leaking there is a high chance that only one would have repairs performed. That is the reason I use (Lotsa Stuff)

As you will notice I did not have all of the terms totally organized into their categories as I was jumping around on the template when building the Library my intentions are to go back and re-organize make all of the terms easier to locate when writing the report.

Chuck, I think if you say it 3 times fast while speed-exiting a crawl while the 3 of us watch, you get it free.:shock: :roll: :smiley:

Actually all NACHI members right now get it $100 off :mrgreen:

Hey Dominic,

Thanx for the Holiday discount. I couldn’t pass up the deal. I have another software package but the buzz around HIP and your attention to detail is irresistible. My investment in HIP is going to be well worth it…:mrgreen:

Hi Scott, welcome to the HIP Club :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any suggestions as you start using the program.


Charlie …I would love to see that template.
Mine is available to though I do not add a lot in the comment section as I like to stay flexable with my narrative style.
I actualy combine it with another program that is able to paste comments into HIP when needed.

Hey, Scott, I’m looking forward to seeing your report in HIP!

Be glad to send me mail and will attach it back to you.

This software is amazing! Totally flexible and customizable. I have almost transfered my existing reporting system into this software. This way both my hand written reports and PDF versions are similar.

Steve Blayney

Very true, Steve!
That’s why it took me 5 years to find a SW that works for me, rather than the other way around!