Home Inspector Statistics Survey

Len has got together a statistics survey.
OntarioACHI has arranged to have a survey of Home Inspectors so we can collate and publish information with respect to education, costs, operating practices and insurance issues.

You can get to it here

You need to put in your name and email address and prove you can count, and then a token that will let you complete the survey will be sent to your email address.

The survey is anonymized and we are using it to support our negotiations with the Government, Insurance Companies and others on your behalf.

It’s a pain, but please answer honestly. It’s the only way we are going to be able to help you.

I just completed the survey as accurately as possible. My compliments to those who created and offered the survey. It’s well-done and covers a miriad of things pertinent to our industry. I look forward to the results !!!

Bill Mullen

Good survey I do hope many others do complete this survey .
Thanks for doing this all the best… Roy

Bill as you well know allot goes on behind the scene. We are slowly getting organized.
All credit goes to Len our IT guy plus much much more.

I also completed the survey earlier today. Look forward to the results.

How long will it be posted for??


Submitted it yesterday!

Timothy that is a good question.
As long as it takes to get accurate info.
I will tell Consumer Services we need more time to get it right but that does not mean they will comply.
Thanks so far for all the Surveys filled out.

Interesting that the same amount that have viewed this Post also viewed the OntarioAchi Poll.
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