Home Inspectors Are About to Enjoy Increased Demand for Inspections

Read the article Home Inspectors Are About to Enjoy a Large Increase in Demand.

pent up demand for home inspections


Good article Nick.

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Very helpful. Thanks, Nick!

Excellent article. Thank you for your efforts to educate on the basics of economics. It seems there is very little understanding of these principles these days.

Very timely and thought provoking essay and it correlates well with my personal experience after the 2008 housing crisis in regards to pent up demand. This too will pass.


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Good article Nick, and like Joe, I also see the correlations in your article between 2008 & this event. I remember going from inspecting 95 percent occupied homes to 95 percent foreclosures, I hope we don’t see that kind of foreclosure rate again, but regardless, other factors you mentioned IMO also will cause a release pent-up demand.

Stay safe.

Nice job Nick! So nice to see an uplifting letter. I’m not quite ready to sing happy days are here again but I know those days will be coming. Everyone just hold on.

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Good one! Like the Green Acres reference.

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Great article. A lot of good information touched on.
Thank You

Excellent article, Nick! Thank you for taking the time to spell out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the current situation.

Great article. I am new at this and feel overwhelmed learning so much so fast. I retire from 30 years in the steel industry and can’t wait to start my second career.

I’ll be retiring from just over 40 years in HVAC hopfully soon. I started this inspection business of ours (wife as an unofficial member) just over a year ago. Good luck and don’t fret. It’s all about common sense (although common sense is not so common these days, politically speaking). You may be coming into the business at a good time if Nick’s article is correct. You should read it. See you in the funny papers (forum).

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m looking forward to my first paid inspection. Lol

Ricky, welcome to our forum…hope to see you more…enjoy! :smile:

Just keep talking the tests until you get in the 90s consistently and you’ll do fine.

PM me if I can help you.

I’m sure you meant “taking” the tests. How often did you keep yourself current taking the tests?

Edwin, being retired, I rely on my memory which probably isn’t the best idea that I’ve ever had. But, I try to help where I can remember or search. :flushed: :joy: LOL