Demand Is High for More Home Inspectors

At least that is what the AHIT radio commercial I just heard says. :roll:

And their web says the same thing.

Anyone wonder if they have data to support their claim?

Funny thing that Money Mag does not have Home Inspector on their list even in 2010 or even 2006 .

Typical media. They only print articles that benefit them; not the consumers. The current home inspection business is “hot”, because you will get burned if you enter into it.

I figure that quote from Money mag must be at lest 6-7 years old. I didn’t go back beyond 2006.

I encourage anyone thinking about becoming a Home Inspector to do their homework.

Read this piece from the BC master franchisor of this franchise being run out of my area for the last 3+ years…we should all get one!

"After the boot camp is over, the new franchisee is ready to become a licensed home inspector – a must in BC.

“They can walk back into their business after boot camp, do an inspection on day one, and put a cheque straight into the bank,” Williams says.

Once they’re up to speed, A Buyer’s Choice franchisee can do 600 inspections per year at about $450 per inspection – creating a gross income of $270,000 per year."

And all very part time if you like. So that’s an easy $135,000. Just a couple hours a day. Hurummmph. I started at 6 am, just finished, 7:30 pm.

Makes you wonder if any of their former students sue them for misrepresentation. :roll:

Why do think it’s “misrepresentation”? Just because you don’t get that amount of work? I don’t see where someone could be held liable for the lack of implementation.

I see all the time here where people complain about “lack of work”, in many places its not a lack of work, its a lack of implementation of ideas. Hell, INACHI website has tons and tons of marketing ideas and yet most of those who complain do nothing to change.

If you did 1/10 of the stuff they tell you to do here, your business would increase. But due to the mighty “instant gratification” people are not willing to stick to their plan and see if something works. They try it for 2 days, say it sucks then move on.

Just because something works in Wisconsin doesn’t mean it will in Florida. Business is an always continuing evolution and if your not evolving on a daily basis then you will become extinct. Cold hard facts of business.

In those areas where sales are down and few and far between, if increasing the market share is hard due to the sheer lack of sales, then find a way to increase your revenue. We started that this year and the average inspection is up 27% per inspection for the month of January.

If your into the Internet, try every single thing DOM tells you to try. He seems to be a pretty smart guy about SEO, so listen and IMPLEMENT. There are ideas I have yet to accomplish and plain and simple its because, well I am lazy and figure 16 hours a day is enough to work.

I might be looking for a group to start an implementation group. Guys who more or less push each other to get things done. A kinda checks and balances. For example, lets say I have a goal to finish a brochure. I would set a goal and then have my counter parts stay on my butt until its done. Its amazing what a little push will do for some people to include me. Who knows…

But to say its false advertisement is wrong, its up to the company to give you the tools, its up to you to implement them…

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Russel, do you really think demand is high for home inspectors?

“Home Inspectors”, NO…PROFESSIONAL Home Inspectors, YES. Want proof? I turned down about 7 jobs this week. So the demand is there.

I am not saying I have the answers or am Mr. Inspector Extraordinaire. I am will tell you I am not the smartest inspector in the world. I do know that my employees and anyone that deals with me knows my Motto. QUALITY is the ONLY priority. I do not care the cost of doing business. If I concentrate on only ONE thing, its quality. I market to the people who are FED UP with mediocre work and cheap price, the realize that for superior performance you need to pay a price in correlation with the service provided. I do not dwell on the “Bottom line or profit”. I concentrate on making my services better and better each and every day. It has worked for me, Could just be a coincidence, I don’t know.

So in LONG…do I feel there is a need for “Home Inspector”, I guess it would depend on your definition of “Home Inspector”.

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Yes there is always a need, but to hang a carrot in front of unemployed or underemployed building trades people and practically promise great income with limited training is dishonest and smacks of those desperate to fill class room seats and sell online courses more than any real need IMHO.

As you are an inspector in a recently licensed state that should be somewhat obvious.

More lowballers ahead IMHO.

Love lowballers! Can you eliminate them? Do you want to join their ranks? So you can only defeat them at their own game. Just have to figure out what works in your area.

The “I am really good an knowledgeable” doesn’t work, yet people try that card and many unsuccessfully. 412 years of construction experience. Love it when people mention that. I tell them my girlfriend has 22 years of driving experience and her monthly insurance rate is $333 for a Prius…and its not because she has a great driving record! Experience doesn’t mean GOOD just means experienced.

When people say they were a GC for 20 years. LOVE it. People who say this is (no offense to the GC’s) but why not BUILD then? Well because the market has hit a low and, well Home Inspection is not really my direction or passion its just a way to put food on the table, until the market picks back up. Then I am outta here.

Its MY JOB to PROMOTE professionalism in my CHOSEN and preferred PROFESSION. I don’t want to do anything else, I love my job and all its ups and downs. Maybe its my enthusiasm toward this that people feel. Who knows.

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Russel, do you provide instruction to other potential home inspectors for a fee?

I’m all for more professionalism in our industry but what AHIT and others are providing often results in quite the opposite.

BTW - Lowballers will always be part of this industry and those selling “riches” via start your own home inspection business" increase the supply of them. :wink:

Low ballers are actually a part of the industry that will not go away, they can manufacture another NICHE that sets you APART…

Do you think Saks Fifth Avenue wonders how to get part of the Wal-Mart market share? Do not lower yourself to even worry about them. EDUCATE your buyer. If you cannot convince someone that you are worth the price you say your worth, them maybe your not worth what you think you are.


I’m going to ask one more time before I assume the answer to be yes.

Do you provide instruction to potential home inspectors for a fee?

Yes and my fee is a handshake…Why?


A schools job is to educate, it the students job to implement.

So the more schools and home inspectors the better, eh?

I’m sure there will be many more of both in your state soon if not already.

Even Colleges pump out near worthless degrees all the time. Like Russ said it is what YOU(inspector) do with your new found knowledge. Schools are doing their job, getting students. As we should all know knowledge is one piece, practice is another.

Russ is a successful home inspector, listening to him is worth your time and a lot more than a handshake. He only charges a handshake because he is a better person than most and would like to elevate the industry.

Russ, as soon as I get some time I will be coming to see your operation.

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I agree, there out to be more inspectors such as Russ that devotes their time to making the profession better.