Increasing Business

It has been great to hear that everyones business has been picking up, substantially for some of you. I have been flat, maybe three or four a month. When I talk to agents they all pretty much say the same thing (which is a good thing). More buyers are calling, our inventory has dropped from about 17 months to 7 months. Oregon was one of the last states to be hit by the economy so it will be one of the last to pull out especially with 11.9% unemployment. So is it coming my way, just give it time? I am marketing to agents hopeing they will be overwhelmed and they will have to call me. What has been your experience?

It will be a LONG time before Realtors are “overwhelmed” and “need your services”.

Do you do internet marketing? You need to focus about 1/2 of your attention to the buyers. About 1/2 of my business comes directly from them.

I started out marketing to Realtors and have yet to recieve any business from any realtor. All of my work has come from buyers and a relocation company that located me through my website. Sticking with what works I am working on increasing my internet pressence.

I checked your site. May I make a recommendation based on your statements. Put some stuff on your site that catches homebuyers. Maybe a text link that says “Buying a home in Glenwood?” or even sneekier “Homes for sale in Glenwood” link it to a landing page that offers something free to the homebuyer. The top of the landing page could say something like “Buying a home in Glenwood? STOP! I am a local home inspector. Call me on my private cell (___) - for my free _______ and I’ll put it in the mail to you today.” You could use the 3-deadly mistakes brochure or the Now book or maybe a nice folder with some inspection articles inside or whatever. The point is to get them on the phone and get your inspection companies materials in their hand. This system does both. These are very hot leads and you should be willing to spend a couple dollars to convert them to clients.

Thanks guys, keep the tip’s coming. Nick, I don’t like the Three Deadliest Mistakes, it’s too alarmist and hyperbolic. If it was titled The Three Costliest Mistakes I would be all over it, right now I cannot afford to buy the Now Books but will as soon as I can, and I will work on my site. Thank you for looking at my site Nick, I doubt ASHI would do that! John, do you have any info on these relocation companies? I live close to INTEL and they are always relocating people and that could be a great source for inspections.
Again thank you all.

Stephen, My website brings me approx 70% of my business. Not meaning to brag just to show you. I am currently booked out till the 29th. I am not always booked a week in advance but am more than not. How? My website. I track where every call comes from. 90% are from Google searches. I can’t stress enough the importance of learning & putting to use SEO. If it wasn’t for my website I most likely would be out of business. I also have/had large yellow page ads in 3 of the 8 or 9 friggin phone books around here. This is my last year for yellow page advertisement. If they were still working for me believe you me I would keep them going. I have seen a steady decline in yellow page calls & a steep incline of website calls in the past two years. The Realtors that currently use me on a somewhat regular basis discovered me from inspections where their buyers had called me via the Internet. For the most part Realtors come & go like the wind blows.

And one other point. I guarantee you most relocation’s with intell or New hires are going online looking for Home Inspectors.

Nick, I love your idea and I am going to create a new page.

Thanks, Ken

When my partner started this company (2001) he said that he got little business from his website. I have been trying to convince him but he has been reluctant to do another one. If I could I would like to show him your responses to this thread. I have been trying to convince him to build one but he has been reluctant to do another one. I have heard people say that if you are not on the web then you don’t exist and with what you have said that looks to be true.
I will keep pressing him, maybe start with a couple of thumb screws.

Why not start with HIP’s 3 months free and only $25 a month after that? Its less than 1/10th of one inspection.

Like Nike says - “Just do it!”

My website is not the best, but I get a lot of calls from it. At least 80% of my business can be tied to the buyer looking on their own. Increasingly, more buyers here are wary of inspectors and contractors recommended by their realtor.

Rick, do I have to use their software or is it open to anyone?
Andrew, I think you make a great point regarding referals. I know agents still give three names and if I have web site and they don’t that could be a leg up.

Open to anyone.

Awesome. I am on it.

You wont regret it! :slight_smile:

Do a google search for Relocation Companies, Relocation Services. I have only been contacted by a couple they have their own criteria that allows you to work for them and they seem to contact the top listed inspectors within the area that they are looking for, then go with who meets the criteria and availability at the time.

I like this!!! Thanks Nick,

Stephen, I am starting out as well in Oregon but in the Eugene area. I have gotten a job from a local craigslist posting as well as several from a realtor that we actually bought our house from and told what I was doing (dumb luck). I have been visiting a lot of other realtors though and have yet to get a job from them…