E&O alternatives in Canada

Hello Canadian home inspectors,

It’s now E&O renewal time for us and the premium via my current broker has increased! We didn’t file for claim to warrant premium increase, Hub just said “due to the current Canadian Insurance Market conditions…”

  • When is NACHI E&O insurance going to be available for Canadian home inspectors?
  • Do you know any other alternatives?

Thanks and stay safe everyone!


I’ve been asking this same question, when will InterNACHI provide E&O in Canada. I’ve seen my premium go from $1800. In 2010 to $4500. In 2021, no claims

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I’ve been trying since 2007 to get a national insurance scheme organized in cooperation with a Canadian underwriter in B.C (trying to get ALL Internachi members in Canada under one policy…). In 2017, we went to Lloyd’s (in London) and got some new people interested (7 syndicates) but their lack of necessary permits/licenses made that difficult! And for a bunch of reasons, Common law vs civil law in Québec being one of them, this has proven difficult in any scenario! In the last few years, a lot of insurers have simply gone out of the inspector market because of claims. All of this leaves a very limited choice. There are brokers other than HUB, but they are rare and ill-equipped or can’t offer national coverage etc.

As Québec inspectors are now in the process of being legislated, I’ve asked the Government to look into the feasibility of organizing a collective insurance fund for inspectors, as I predict that premiums - with this new legislation - will skyrocket!



Intac insurance used to do E&O. Not sure if they still do though.

Good luck

Also try Zensurance.


Every year I go to the market and surprise surprise they are all around the same price, it is getting to the point where I and I’m sure others won’t be able to make it.

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Same here. The last I heard on the forum was early to mid of this year. Hopefully we will have some news soon as my renewal is coming up soon and business was slow so its going to be tough.

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Hi. New to the business. Retired electrician. Just finished my training and hoped to start up and was shocked at the insurance quote. $5500 !! Don’t know if it will work at the price. Homes in my area are selling without inspections in 3 days. The way things are, I don’t know if I could break even at that cost.

All I can do is hope InterNachi expands the program to Canada.

Welcome, Martin. Where are you located?

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Wasaga Beach, Ontario

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Welcome to our forum, Martin!..Enjoy! :smile:


Thank you. Glad to be part of this great organization!

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$5500, that’s nuts, who gave you that quote?? I am new at inspecting, have done a few, haven’t put insurance in place yet because its expensive but has not been that high. I am in Ontario too.

Quote was from Totten Group Insurance. Really disappointed. Still trying to get more quotes. Can’t get a business license without insurance and wouldn’t do any inspections without it.

Was this just E&O, or GL as well?

Was for both.

It is still too expensive, Martin!

Sounds like they must have went up. Scared to see what ours will be on renewal.

Try Chris Healy at URS insurance. Chealy@ursinsurance.com

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