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I recently ordered a case of “Now you’ve had a home inspection” booklets which I include with my home inspection binders - Clients love them. Unfortunately when they got to the Canadian border and UPS called me and said $56.00 for brokerage fees. The order was only $108.00. Shipping was $57.42, add the brokerage fee of $56.00 and your talking $113.00 additional for a $108.00 order.
Has anybody found a Canadian distributor with a similar booklet?

Best Regards,
Clive Peacock

Why don’t you guys set up a mini distribution point in Canada?
Use the local chapters .

I have offered to do this and received no reply from Nick

I think Nick likes to send them as gifts to Canadian Inspectors.:mrgreen:

I have written this many times on this Forum .
The best way to ship to Canada is via Mail .cost $5.00 for examination .
WE usually get charged 13.00 % HST the same as any Canadian Purchase .
Never allow the supplier to ship Via UPS to Canada , they seem to have various charges the can add up big time . Fed X is better then UPS
To avoid high shipping charges you can use what many Canadians use and get your packages shipped to the Border cost per package is usually $5,00 .

Great people good service** send me email if you have any questions . **

I as an example am picking up a package Thursday at Wellsley Island just south of Kingston

Thanks guys. I appreciate your time and comments.


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It would be nice if it was in PDF .

Not by me…Lucky for me to even make a post…

Please do not try and show me how …
Took me three years to be able to post a picture here .
Thanks… Roy

Is that book copyrighted ? I have one here someplace .


Sorry to all I had wrong web site spelling ( https://www.kinek.com/ ) is the correct WEB SITE… Roy

Just ordered the books, Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection.
Fedex shipping ~$25.00 pick up in Lewiston Ny $10.00 Best way to do it.

Thanks for the info Roy Once the spelling of the link was corrected all went very smoothly.


I have never used a Report binder even before signing up to Home Gauge.
I offer Free consulting so they do not have to read anything but the Report I give them. However I do agree to give out the Book mentioned, a written agreement and SOP.

This is the way I see it. The client gives me money, cheque or cash. I feel it is important to give them something that they can take home with them. The complete report, a Seasonal Maintenance Check list, a copy of the Inspection agreement they signed, a CD with all the photos taken at the inspection, a book that provides them with a ton of info, customer rewards certificates and my phone number for free consulting. (all in a nice well prepared binder)

NOT an just emailed report some time later.


I provide a binder, DVD and any ancilliary information pertaining to the particular issues I have noted. I ask the client if they would like to join my online client services (if they provide their email address) for further bulletins that may be of interest to them.

I definitely do not like ‘Horizon’ or any other on site reporting system.

I also provide free ongoing advice for ‘today, tomorrow and years to come.’

JMO and I am not interested in hearing a lot of datribe from the horizon people. I just do not like it!

Bryce I can say for sure that you would be my choice if I was in your area.
Your website is very good and represents the type of Home Inspector someone is getting.
I however would not use the analogy of cars IMO.

I agree with you Kevin and it is on my list of things to do that I forgot to do! I bet it will be removed by noon today. I hope.

Thank you

Gone by 11:13! Thank you Kevin for reminding me. It was tacky! I do all my own writing and that line was not one of my best.

OH and by the way Bryce I am a Dodge guy all the way but I know there are Lemons in every Car manufacturer today. I am sure you do too! Same goes for Home Inspectors of any Association including ones from InterNachi. However I do believe the reason for some bad examples in InterNachi is not because they can’t be. If one was to take everything that InterNachi has to offer I am quite confident they would not need to go anywhere else.