Canadian Shipments

I just received a call from UPS asking about my broker for a shipment of books .
There is no duty on books and UPS has charged me $60:00 in the past to clear and order .
I would like to remind all our Canadian Members ,I have found the best method of getting parcels into Canada is United States Postal service .
This goes to Canadian Customs and they charge from Nothing to $5;00.
I asked UPS to return the parcel to sender and then it can be reshipped .
I always remind all my suppliers never ,never ship via UPS to Canada .
If it must be shipped by Carrier I have found Fed Ex is the best .
another example a $20;00 gift cost me $29:00 from UPS .
Roy Cooke


That would be the NACHI books we ordered?

UPs sucks- guess I’ll get a call from them too.


If and when they call ask what the charge would be I never asked I just said send them back . It just meens I will not have them for another few days . I have waited many weeks now whats another .
Good luck and please let us know how you make out .
I had to pay taxes on the radio I won and $5;00 Customs Charge .
Great exactly what I should pay .
I had the Envirmental Concers Books come in fine by mail as well.
Roy Cooke

Thanks for the info Roy, I will keep this in mind.

When I received my call that the books were ready to ship, I told them to send them US Postal and I explained why. They said no problem but, still sent them UPS. I had them ship it back and am waiting for the call from NACHI to ship them postal.

The only thing worse than UPS is Purolator! I live in Arnprior and if I’m not home they take the package to the East end of Ottawa which takes me an hour to get there to pick up the package! Hate when someone sends me stuff through Purolator!

I got a sticker from Fed ex and Purlator and they can now leave the packages in the Garage no signature required works great fo me .
Never been a problem in 30 years .
Cookie … Might be different in another area though

I ordered them books late last week and I guess I am now waiting for a call…at least it won’t be a surprise now. Is there a chance we could talk to NACHI and get them to automatically send stuff for Canadian addresses through US Postal service unless we indicate otherwise?

Some body goofed I have had many shipments from Nachi and they have always shipped by mail .
This will all come out in the wash .
Don’t sweat the small things .

Two years ago we had the Awards shipped and they lost one it ended up so they said in Nova Scotia and they wanted more money to ship it to Ontarion .
I gave them My credit card and they said they would ship it well when it never came I complained and they then said it was some where in The USA.
I finally got my money but I do not think the award ever showed up that I know of .
UPS is alway correct and every one else is wrong

Got the call from UPS this morning.:frowning:

I asked how much the brokerage fee was and the lady said they don’t asses the charges at this time all they wanted was a credit card #. She said I could call back after 4:00pm and they would let me know.:twisted:

The other alternative was cash or cheque (amount unknown) at the time of delivery plus a service charge for COD!!!

Like I said UPS sucks



What are you going to do pay UPS or send it back and save much money .
The supplier will thend send it the way they where told to .
It sounds like they have a new person in the shippng Dept .
I have had no trouble in the past and this should be a big eye opener so they do not make this mistake again.
Roy Cooke

I am new at all this and didn’t see your post until it
was too late. I recieved 20 Homeowners Handbooks
that cost $60. When UPS showed up there was a $35.42
charge for import. If anyone gets a call from customs they should take your advice and send their shipment back. Once bitten twice shy.

What thieves! Somebody is making a lot of money on the unsuspecting. Sounds like a story for CBC Market Place.

Well… I received my 50 copies of the Home Owners Handbook today.

UPS added GSTon the CAD amount +$34.85 brokerage and GST on the brokerage. :shock:

sooooo $150.00 for the books and $69.00 exchange, brokerage and GST

Like I said UPS *****

BTW Thanks NACHI I didn’t have to pay shipping!!!



oops forgot

Can someone give me a green box? I’ll feel better!

NACHI did not ship these, we did. As far as I know, there was one inspector who specified a method of shipment. We are set up with UPS in our warehouse. NACHI did pay for your shipping. If you refused the shipment, we will be looking for the boxes.

Thanks somebody-- a green box!!!:smiley:

now I feel better.:wink:


ooops, sorry Jay

Thanks for paying the shipping (Yipeee)

We had this discussion on this board last year. UPUKE rips us off and I will not accept anything shipped by them. I though NACHI understood this. UPUKE phones and asks for you charge card number but will not tell you how much they are going to charge you. Most people do not realize how much they are going to pay. If they did they would not accept the shipment. That’s why UPUKE will not tell you how much. Once bitten twice shy.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Ship everything to CANADA via USPS. The border crossing fee is $5.00 a helluva along way from the 60.00 UPUKE steals. :twisted: