Home sales in Maine, you have got to be kidding

Some of you want to move to Maine!

Look at what you get for your money, ha. ha.

Status Active
Price $275,000
Type Single Family
Style Cottage
Rooms 2
Bedrooms 1
Full Baths 1
Half Baths 0
Age 107
MLS# 860513


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Marcel :slight_smile:

What Marcel fails to tell us is its next to the HOOTER’s!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Marcel is this normal? Or is it outrageous? On that size lot for that size home here you would pay under 100,000. The neighborhood might not be great but you would only be a 12 mile drive to the beach-ocean, atlantic I mean.

For me here, it is outrageous and ridiculous, even in the Portlan Area of the State.

I am about to put a big swimming pool in front of my house with a background drop of the ocean view. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That would cost you about 750K here in Laguna Beach!

Santa Barbara, CA 950K

What’s your inspection fee start at? $750 Up to 1200 sq. ft? Ha Ha


where is this place up in the county? or down by you

Hi. Dennis;

This is in or at Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine.

I would not pay $50 k for this thing. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Hey Marcel
guess things have really changed since I was there, take away the shudders & flower box and it could be a hunting cabin west of houlton

Well, that last name is French, so are you from that area?
Built in allmost all areas of the State and quite familiar with the Houlton and west areas.

Marcel :slight_smile:

My second inspect yesterday for a Ca. investor on a property larger than this one listed at $29,900 worth about $15,000 that is why folks from Ca. are leaving that area like rats from a burning barn and buying property here. My first inspection yesterday was another client from Ca. Gotta Luv it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Left coast green works real well down south, any green from anywhere also works :mrgreen: