$65,000,000 Home, 28,000 SQFT, 9 Bedroom, 15 Bathroom - How Much Should I charge?

Good Afternoon,

I have a client that needs a home inspection in Bel Air, CA and wanted to get some realistic pricing opinions for how much I should charge. Any advice would be welcomed.

$65,000,000 Sale Price
28,000, SQFT
9 Bedrooms
15 Bathrooms
2 Pools

Need a lot more information than that!!

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how old, how far to travel

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200.00 0r someone else will get it…


Home is a new construction and is only about 30 miles traveling distance.

LOL! :rofl:

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Think of it this way. 10 % of the home price is $650K. If you can afford that, then 1% at $65k is a drop in the bucket. Of course that’s may be unrealistic, but get pricing on farming out electric, plumbing, HVAC etc. Plus contract with a few CMI’s there. Make it a team effort and get there quotes. Add 10 0r 20 % on top.

I wouldn’t attempt without a set like this.


10% is 6.5 mil not 650k


I would quote it like a commercial inspection, because it kind of is - .25 per square foot comes to $7K .35 per square foot comes to 9.8K. So maybe 7.5-10K with the pools?


Way too high, Jim…$149.00…


Don’t tell @rlewis5

Thanks Larry! That’s the most reasonable answer so far.

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Correct. That would be $6.5m.

So I would rethink my pricing based on that… :crazy_face:

Thinking the same, but I would still bump it up if I brought in back up. No telling what HVAC alone would cost…

More information would be helpful. Can you post the link of it for sale?

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First call your insurance agent and ask them if you’re covered :smiley:


Amen Brother! Should have thought about that first…

Food for thought:

The client that can afford that property can also afford to grind you into the ground over issues or concerns (real or perceived).


Sorry for the edit. I checked the price in my software.

Evening, Ian. Hope this post finds you well.
A multi million dollar estate or manor home I take it.

Likely each of the 9 bedrooms will have a bathroom.
Likely a maids quarters, but it is a 9 bedroom estate nonetheless.

A square footage cost can be calculated but the estate is anything but typical/normal and one should be prepared for this size of real estate property.

1: One might think commercial and have an independent HVAC and electrical contractor present.
2: A helper would also be recommended.
3: An extra camera and spare batteries.

I would start between >< $7,000.00 - $8,000.00 but need to glean the listings to be accurate.
$6,500,000,00 price tag for a manor was the largest estate value I inspected.
I charged $2,100.00 plus $175.00 for the pool applicable taxes.
Relatively easy to inspect mind you. The report was roughly ><10. The inspection, 5 hours.

Anyones insurance liability will be strained by a project like this. Mine liability is $1,000,000 on two occasions annually. I am looking at doubling my liability premium this year.

I would take this inspection on as a commercial inspection and retaining a licensed electrician and HVAC contractor to pick up the slack.
Just my 2 cents.

Hope that helps.