Need to give an inspection price

In Sarasota on the intercoastal 2.5 acres 4 bedroom, 6 bath pool ,large dock 7955 sf heated 17,584 under roof, 2.7 million dollar home,
what would be a offering price to inspect?

What is the scope of the inspection? Are you inspecting the pool? The dock? 10K sq/ft is not conditioned? Really? You need to provide more info, as what you did offer has little meaning to base a quote upon.

A link to the listing would be very helpful.

Jeff, it’s got around 10k in open porches listed on the property card but only 8k living space. I turned down the inspection this morning as I have no interest liability wise of inspecting something like that at over an hour drive away.

1992 with a tile roof, better hope it’s been replaced. Most of the tile roofs from that decade were garbage, rich houses or not. Most of it’s open space. I would charge at minimum $1,100 and plan on inspecting it with more than 1 inspector cause it’s gonna take you all day, if you’re moving. I’d also offer an option to bring in a seawall contractor for a complete inspection of that area as well.

Thanks for the info Glenn. I only jumped in since it was not posted in the Florida section. Looks as if he definately needs a Florida opinion on that one.

Glenn, is this the one that went out on an email blast today? I found it in my spam folder.:shock:

Yes, same one.